The need for creating personalized customer experiences has become all the more important as customers prefer businesses which invest time and effort in providing tailored products and services that cater to their unique demands and expectations. Be it brick-and-mortar outlets or online stores, the need is to differentiate yourself from other companies to win customers. Therefore, giving a personal touch to customer experience at every contact point is one way to help you build a distinctive brand identity in the marketplace. Here are some tips to help you do that.

Harness the Power of Personalized Product Recommendations

The first point of contact which customers have with a brand typically involves them wanting to know more about the products and services that would suit their individual needs. In this case, the best approach is to directly communicate with customers and learn more about them and their expectations. Offer personalized product and service recommendations based on what customers tell you and take note of their choice or products they show an interest in. For example, assume that a salesperson in a fashion store along with helping a customer choose an outfit, suggests an accessory to give him/her the perfect look. This sort of guided selling goes a long way in creating a more personalized experience for the customer.

Revolve your future recommendations based on what you learn about customers and the products they wanted previously. Also, always remember that product recommendations listed on your website need to be relevant and engaging. This can be done by tracking visitors’ behavior on your website. For instance, adding a ‘products you might also like’ section will allow you to suggest products which customers may be potentially looking for. This will not only offer customers a gratifying and personalized experience, it would also give them the impression that you are consistently onboard with their needs throughout the customer journey.

Personalize Your Customer Support

With the modern customer’s need for higher service standards, companies need to understand that apart from the point of purchase, customers demand a seamless and personalized experience at every single touch point. Taking this into account, one essential ingredient of running a successful business is to provide customers with personalized responses to any queries, concerns or requests which they may have. This is all the more important, keeping in mind that customers may interact with your business for reasons other than simply making purchases. In any case, facilitate every customer by creating a personalized customer support strategy that focuses on catering to their individual demands and preferences. For example, implement in-store personalization by empowering your employees to modify their support strategy based on how customers want them to act on their feedback and requests. Also, customers may post questions, concerns and issues on your brand pages on social media. In this case, personalize the online experience by ensuring that your support team proactively responds to each individual message and comment. You could also add live chat on your website to initiate one-on-one interactions with customers and provide them with uninterrupted 24/7 online support. These simple methods will enrich their experience and enhance your brand value.

Offer Tailored Frontline Resolutions

Running a successful business means that you have to be prepared for all sorts of challenges that may arise. In this case, personalizing the customer experience goes beyond merely managing a problem experienced by each customer. The important thing is to follow up with customers to create goodwill with them. For example, imagine a situation where a customer contacts your company to report an issue with a product which he/she purchased. In this case, prioritize frontline resolution to get to the root of the matter effectively and efficiently. Afterwards, send a personalized follow up e-mail to the customer so that you can ensure that everything is to his/her liking. Go the extra mile by doing something meaningful for the customer, like sending a customized thank you card with a free voucher to show your appreciation for bringing the issue to your notice. Thus, creating and delivering a personalized experience is the first step towards cultivating customer loyalty.