In focus: Intercity Hotel Oman

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In an exclusive interview with, Anees Shinnara, the Area General Manager at Intercity Hotel in Oman, speaks about how they make the customer experience better during guest stay. He also highlights how important staff training is to their industry in order to earn brand loyalty.

In focus: Intercity Hotel Oman

Q: Tell us a bit about your hotel and what sets you apart from your competitors in the hospitality sector?

Anees: Intercity Hotel Nizwa comes with a totally new and different concept in Nizwa and Oman. A key factor is the prime location for our hotels in Oman along with exceeding the guest expectations with excellent services.

Q: Can you highlight some of the facilities and amenities that you provide which enhance the guest experience?

Anees: The quality of the facilities and amenities we are providing will always influence the guests, and we always go the extra mile with all our guests to make sure they are 100% satisfied.

Q: Please share with us the customer journey at your hotel from the moment a guest enters till they check-out?

Anees: All guests are dealt with extra care, as they are all our main priority from the minute they check-in till departure. All the guests have different needs, and we have to make sure that we cover it in a short period of time with maximum efficiency expected from us.

Q: What steps do you take to ensure brand loyalty and customer happiness?

Anees: We have recently activated our loyalty program all over the world, based on points reimbursements to get extra facilities and benefits through the stay. Not only on rooms, but on all hotel facilities. This allows them to benefit from the program in many ways.

Q: Do you offer any loyalty programs or discount packages for your customers?

Anees: Yes, we do. Other than the loyalty programs, we are currently connecting with many of our local banks for a special discount on C.C users on special rates, along with airlines as well.

Q: What processes do you have in place to gather feedback from guests?

Anees: We are using the guest comments cards, which is taken from guests upon departure. We make sure to take all notes mentioned by guests very seriously, to make their next stay even better.

Q: How are you incorporating the latest technology to make the customer experience better?

Anees: We have recently applied this in our newly opened hotel, Intercity Hotel Nizwa, through the IPTV system, which I’m sure will have a good impact on all our visitors.

Q: What kind of changes are you bringing about at your hotel in light of Covid-19?

Anees: We have enhanced our safety and health measures to ensure that guests are comfortable and safe during their stay. In addition, we have shared with our guests the exact procedures we are taking to ensure their safety.

Q: Do you have any staff training programs in place and what key soft skills do you focus on?

Anees: This is very essential at all levels, and we focus on several soft skills, such as, guest satisfaction training, health and safety training, cross-selling, Hassab Training, etc. Motivating and investing in the staff is always the main key to reach our main goal.

Q: How do you plan on making customer experience better in the future?

Anees: By complying with their needs, and always updating their previous requests in our system, to make sure it’s applied during their next stay. This ofcourse will give them the impression that we do care for their needs and their usual preferences.

About Anees Shinnara

Mr. Anees Shinnara is currently holding the position of Area General Manager for Intercity Hotels in Sultanate of Oman. He gained his experience by working with various international hotel chains such as Star Wood Hotels, Kempinski Hotels, Accor and others.