In Focus: Al Khoud Pure Natural Water

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In an interview with, the General Manager for Al Khoud Pure Natural Water, Mohammad Ali Khan speaks about the company’s focus on high standard product quality and steps for ensuring customer satisfaction. He also shares details about the different types of training for their staff which includes technical, soft skills training and customer service training. 

In Focus: Al Khoud Pure Natural Water

Q: What are some customer-centric features that make Al Khoud stand out from other brands?

Ali: “Al Khoud Pure Natural Water” is the reliable source for ground water. Our high standard product quality and prompt services at very competitive prices is the main attraction for our customers, which makes “Al Khoud Pure Natural Water” outstanding as compared to other water brands. 

Al Khoud Pure Natural Water is Low Sodium product (less than 2 ppm), with ideal and essential minerals required for human body. We are ISO 22000:2005 Certified Company from LMS Certification Limited, U.K. (Accredited by IAS – International Accreditation Service, U.S.A.)

To cater different demands of our esteemed customers we produce and pack water in various bottle sizes e.g. 250ml, 500ml, 1.5 Liter PET bottles, 100 ml and 200 ml cup water, 5 Gallon PC Bottle (Returnable) and 5 Gallon PET Bottle (Non-Returnable). 

The shapes of our bottles are specially designed for the ease of our customers to carry and use with comfort. 

Q: How do you analyze changing customer preferences and how do you ensure these are incorporated within the company philosophy?

Ali: Customer feedback through different channels is very important and really helpful to understand the new market trend. We make improvements in our product and service quality from time to time to ensure customer satisfaction through implementation of innovative food technology, new systems and environment friendly products. 

Q: What are some of the steps that you are taking to ensure customer satisfaction?


  • Customer service quality monitoring
  • Greetings calls to the customers to get their feedback and opinions
  • Reward customers with exciting offers
  • Maintain friendly relations with the customers to ensure their satisfaction towards the quality of our products and services.    

Q: What are your processes for measuring customer satisfaction and what feedback mechanisms are in place?


  • Social media monitoring
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Relationship between business and customers
  • Implementation of valid suggestions by customers and feedback for the improvement of product and services are some of our processes for measuring customer satisfaction.
  • Meeting customers regularly to know their satisfaction level and to improve customer expectations.

Q: What sort of training programs do you have in place for your staff and do you have an in-house team or engage external trainers?

Ali: We provide different types of training to our staff, such as basic food hygiene training, soft skills training, professional training, customer service training, technical training and safety training etc.  

Q: What are the essential skills that you focus on for soft skills training? 

Ali: Teamwork, communication, coordination, time management, customer service skills, work ethics, professionalism, understanding of customer needs and quick response to their queries.

Q: How do you deal with customer complaints?


  • First of all, listen and understand the customer complaint properly. 
  • Stay calm during the conversation (because no complaint is personal and should be handled officially and professionally.) 
  • Investigate the whole matter and root cause of complaint with the relevant staff and department to get the facts and take action to avoid any further issue in the future. 
  • Resolve the customer’s issue on priority basis and acknowledge the problem, if any.
  • Apologize if customer complaint is genuine and customer can also be compensated through some FOC delivery or some free coupons etc. 

Q: Can you share with us some corporate social responsibility initiatives taken by Al Khoud?

Ali: One of our main initiative towards corporate social responsibility is the environmental sustainability initiative of using less plastic in all our products and we adopt the latest system & technology with specially equipped machinery and through the customization of our different product designs using less plastic as compared to many others in the industry. Apart from the environmental sustainability we also follow the right ethical and professional business practices for better economic role.

Q: What steps will be taken to improve customer satisfaction in the future? 


  • Improvement in the quality and monitoring of customer services
  • Time to time improvements in product quality and services
  • Ask for more customer feedback
  • Encourage customers service agents to understand and figure out what the customer really wants and to convey this message to the relevant staff to fulfil the customers need on priority basis
  • Provide multichannel support
  • Take quick action on complaints and regular monitoring of social media channels. 

About Mohammad Ali Khan

Mohammad Ali Khan is the General Manager of Global Pioneer LLC (Al Khoud Pure Natural Water) Muscat- Oman, with outstanding work experience in GCC for more than 18 years in the field of sales, marketing, general management, customer services & customer relationship management.