Having one of the most stalwart smartphone user bases in the world, the Middle Eastern businesses are all set to ramp up their online services by enhancing customer experience through deployment of mobile self-service applications. With the number of mobile subscribers over 195 million, there is a huge potential for apps in the Middle East. … Continue reading Mobile Apps Turn to Customer Care

As the holiday season approaches, Dubai is to experience the greatest influx of tourists than any other city in the world. Apart from 30,000 people flying on the Christmas day, about 1.9 million people have already been booked for Dubai with the British Airways this season. The passenger traffic at Dubai International Airport already went … Continue reading Expats Pick Dubai for Vacations This Winter

Over the past few years e-commerce which defines the phenomenon of purchasing or spending money online has grown in size, strength and popularity. The idea of spending money online has become more and more approachable, from people looking at it with uncertainty, to a point where e-commerce has grown to such an extent that it … Continue reading The Boom in E-Commerce Attributed to Technological Advancements

It has been recently discovered thanks to a series of accredited surveys from nearly 75,000 respondents, that Dubai ranks third when it comes to the Taxi trade. The survey was conducted via the most popular travel website TripAdvisor and from the people who had written reviews about the cities in question. Dubai was found to … Continue reading Dubai Taxi Service On The Go

Day by day, online tourism domain is gaining strength all over the world, and the Middle East is also no exception in this context. However, the experts at the GCC e-tourism development conference have emphasized on delivering more interactive and communicative electronic services to gravitate online customers towards companies. Whether it is tourism products or … Continue reading Forging Stronger Ties With Excursionists Through World Wide Web