Press Releases

Mashreq Offers Facility via Mobile

(May 16, 2016)

The E-Account will eliminate long waiting time and queues for customers who wish to open an account.

The new E-Account has been launched by Mashreq to offer customers in UAE a convenient online banking experience. This feature enables customers to open an account from the comfort of their homes.

Customers will only need to complete an E-Account application form on the bank’s website and upload the relevant identification documents. This will open the account and customers will be provided with an account number and IBAN number. Physically visiting any of the bank’s branches for opening the account will not be required. Taking into consideration the customer’s convenience, a Mashreq representative will arrange an appointment with him/her accordingly for the purpose of completing the bank’s KYC process. All these steps will enhance overall customer experience.

Aref Al Ramli, Regional Head of Digital Banking at Mashreq reiterated the bank’s commitment to innovation and advanced technology which has contributed to the materialization of the E-Account. Customers can now open a bank account immediately, be it through Mobile or Desktop.

The E-Account provides customers with instant access to Mashreq Online and Snapp Mobile banking application. Owing to this innovative feature, new customers can easily get on board with the bank.

Tooran Asif, Mashreq’s Regional Head of Personal Banking commented that the bank’s objective is to develop immediate solutions inspired by digital technology, and the E-Account is an example of this. He also said that the E-Account feature makes the account opening process a lot easier and more rewarding for customers.