In Focus: Zaal Mohamed Zaal, Chairman of Al Barari

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Zaal Mohamed Zaal, Founder and Chairman of Al Barari, had a vision of making Al Barari the benchmark for sustainable luxury in the region. In an interview with, Zaal Mohammed Zaal says that he believes in providing a unique lifestyle and emphasizes on the importance of post-sale service. He adds that they are constantly assessing their services and training staff to ensure better customer experience.

In Focus: Zaal Mohamed Zaal, Chairman of Al Barari

Q: In terms of service, what factors set you apart from your competitors in the region?

ZMZ: Experience. We have operated for the past ten years.

Diversity. We manage different facets, Al Barari includes a residential community, The Farm restaurant, Heart & Soul spa and wellness, Body Language health club, Wojood (facilities management), Al Thabat (security services), Sustainable Builders (contractor), Green Works (plant nursery) and Etcetera Living (interior design).

Care. We are together with the customer during his journey with us, before, during and after the purchase.

Flexibility and adaptability. We are constantly assessing our services and training our staff to make sure we always reach customers’ expectations.

Q: What would you classify as the most important aspects of service that enhance customer experience?

ZMZ:  One of the key aspects is the service to customer after the purchase. It is important for the customer to know that we will always be there in case he/she needs.

Q: What kind of digital platforms do you use to connect with your customers online and how do you offer online customer support?

ZMZ: We use Facebook and Instagram as well as our websites and receive requests, suggestions, complaints, inquiries, etc through emails or online forms. Our staff email or call back shortly after receiving the message.

Q: In your opinion, how important is social media to connect and engage with online customers?

ZMZ: Today, social media is key. Customers can find information, promotions, news, photos and videos we post every day about our outlets as well as reviews from customers who have visited us and experienced our services. Social media are important to engage and communicate with our existing and potential customers.

Q: Do you offer any loyalty programs or special offers for your customers?

ZMZ: We have implemented a loyalty card at Heart & Soul spa and are currently revising the terms and conditions as well as benefits for our customers. Every month we create special offers for our residents and customers.

Q: What facilities do you have available for guests with special needs?

ZMZ: We have special access ramps at The Farm restaurant.

Q: How do you measure customer satisfaction and how do you use feedback to enhance customer experience?

ZMZ: If we consider Heart & Soul spa, during and post-treatment, spa therapists ask clients if the treatment is to their liking, if anything is uncomfortable and explain the procedures. Post treatment, clients are asked to complete a feedback form on an iPad or print card so that we can continually improve our offering. Our clients are our backbone and therefore we value their feedback, be it positive or negative. We follow the same procedure at The Farm restaurant and Body Language health club. Customers’ feedback are collected by the outlet manager who reacts accordingly and trains our staff when required.

Q: Can you share one memorable incident of ‘going the extra mile’ that has made a customer extremely happy?

ZMZ: Earlier this year, we hired a Customer Relationship Manager to guide our new residents. We have recently handed over a villa to a new resident. When he entered his new property, he was surprised, welcomed and happy to see a flower arrangement, hamper with goodies, complimentary vouchers from our three outlets, and an iPad with all information he needs (useful contact details, community rules, villa architectural plans, etc).

Q: What kind of customer service training and workshops do you have in place and what are some essential customer service protocols and areas of emphasis?

ZMZ: At Heart & Soul spa, we invite external trainers to carry out product training on a regular basis and when new staff join the team. We have internal training held by our head therapist under the guidance of our spa training manager – both theory and practical. The spa therapists and manager attend workshops and invite trainers for demonstrations of the new products. Regular product and treatment training is held on a monthly basis. This is to ensure the standard of service and product knowledge is maintained. We conduct similar training sessions for our team (kitchen staff, waiters, etc) at The Farm restaurant.

Q: What innovations are taking place in terms of technology and service to offer a more customer-centric experience in the coming year?

ZMZ: We are exploring 24-7 live chat options.

About Zaal Mohamed Zaal

Entrepreneur, visionary and family man, Zaal Mohamed Zaal is the passionate Founder and Chairman of Al Barari in Dubai.