In focus: Mourouj Hotel Apartment

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In an interview with Ghassan Nehme the General Manager at Mourouj Hotel Apartment by Mourouj Gloria Hotels and Resorts discussed with us some of the facilities provided by their hotel and how their trained staff is available 24/7 for the guest service. He also highlighted that the customers’ feedback is an integral part of their growth and how the comfort and safety of their guests is their priority in this ongoing pandemic.

In focus: Mourouj Hotel Apartment

Q) Tell us a bit about your hotel and what sets you apart from your competitors in the hospitality sector?

Ghassan: Mourouj Hotel Apartments has a total of 46 spacious apartments with a sum of 85 square meters per room consisting of a spacious living room, office room, and master bedroom with attached bathroom, a second bathroom with shower, kitchen, hallway. The apartment is very comfortable for business travelers as well as families, on short or long stay. What I think sets us apart from our competitors is that all apartments have fully equipped kitchen and Mourouj is the only hotel apartment in Abu Dhabi providing an office in the apartments giving guests a comfortable working space. All areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Not to mention that our hotel is customer oriented, in which we focus on satisfaction and meeting the guests’ needs and expectations.

Q) Can you highlight some of the facilities and amenities that you provide?

Ghassan: The facilities and amenities which are provided include: Restaurant on the ground floor, gym with sauna and steam on the roof top. Guests will also enjoy high-speed internet connection, daily room cleaning service, and a 24/7 operating reception. Moreover, we also provide coffee amenities, slippers, towels, mats, bath robes, gels and soaps are available in the room.

Q) Kindly give us a brief about the customer journey at your hotel from the time they arrive till the time they check-out?

Ghassan: Customers are welcomed with a lively and friendly vibe by the hotel reception, following a quick and easy check-in procedure. Furthermore, customers will feel the quality and tranquil ambiance upon arriving to the room, accompanied by our superb staff – ready to help and assist with utmost care. Upon check-out, customers will be leaving the hotel happy and satisfied, expecting to come back for more amazing stays with Mourouj Hotel Apartments.

Q) What is your philosophy when it comes to ensuring customer happiness?

Ghassan: Our philosophy to ensure customer happiness is to provide service with a SMILE.

Q) Do you offer any loyalty programs or discount packages for your customers?

Ghassan: Yes, we do offer loyalty programs.

Q) What feedback mechanisms do you have in place and how do you deal with negative feedback from your guests?

Ghassan: Our feedback mechanism is to ensure good communication starting from the management down to the staff. Wherein negative feedback is highlighted, discussed and well accepted by each and every one to give space for alterations and development and to avoid same incidents from happening in the future.

Q) In light of the ongoing pandemic, what are some of the changes and safety measures in place at your hotel?

Ghassan: During this pandemic, temperature monitors and scanners, health declarations, isolation rooms, and health protocols such as wearing masks and gloves are being strictly implemented and are followed by everyone to check and ensure the health and wellbeing of not just the customers but the staff as well. In this way, we can make the customer feel safe and comfortable at the hotel premises.

Q) Do you have any staff training programs in place and what key soft skills do you focus on?

Ghassan: Yes. We mainly focus on communication, self-motivation, team work and responsibility, as these factors help in our daily operations to provide utmost service to the customers.

Q) How do you plan on making customer experience better in the future?

Ghassan: We plan to improve in what we lack and add the facilities required, to thoroughly train staff to perform and give flawless service, and lastly, to ensure that we deliver consistent and unique experiences to customers.

About Ghassan Nehmé

Ghassan Nehmé, a Lebanese national, holding a French passport graduated in Hotel Management from the Brussels Hotel School (Belgium). Ghassan has experience in Paris for 11 years, in Lebanon for 7 years and in UAE for 18 years. He spent a few years in Rooms Division before holding the General Manager position in small, medium and big size properties.