In Focus: Millennium Hotels and Resorts

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In an interview with, the Cluster Director of Food and Beverages of Millennium and Copthorne Hotel Makkah Al Naseem, El Mostafa Frizit talks in detail about customer-centric efforts that are made to ensure an exceptional guest experience. He also highlights the role of technology and the need for constant training for hotel staff in order to offer a pleasant customer experience.

In Focus: Millennium Hotels and Resorts

Q: In your opinion, what sets Millennium Hotels and Resorts apart from other international hotels?

Frizit: Our slogan “More than Meets the Eye” is a promise of going beyond the ordinary and the obvious. It is about the little details, going above and beyond the “expected”. It is about the warm hospitality, it is about the confidence, unique perspective, and the intrigue.  We aim to reflect these qualities on every service delivery to our guests, colleagues and our industry partners. Our core values include innovation and creativity, teamwork, openness in communication and guest and colleague focus.

Q: Tell us about the customer journey at Millennium Hotels and Resorts from the moment guests enter till they check-out. How do you take care of them and ensure they get great customer service?

Frizit: Right from the start, we make sure that all of the pre-arrival required services are fulfilled for our guests. Upon arrival, the warm welcome is an important step towards building a good impression during the stay. The recognition of the guest by their name upon arrival and during stay is very tactical to gain trust. After the check-in, a courtesy call will be done by the guest service team to ensure guest satisfaction. Engagement with the guest during stay and then anticipating and exceeding expectations is a very important and strategic step. Offering the property’s services and facilities according to the guest requirements is essential. Upon check-out, the GSA asks the guest about experience during the stay.

Q: What is your hotel’s brand philosophy when it comes to Customer Happiness?

Frizit: Our guiding principles represent a board philosophy of Millennium hotels. Everything we do is anchored in our five guiding principles:

  • Courtesy and knowledge
  • Guest-centered
  • Stronger together
  • Service and presentation excellence
  • Pride in what we do

Millennium Hotels and Resorts is a hotel company that treats the guest as family, with a unique range of global properties across Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and North America. With a global portfolio of more than 120 hotels, our hotels are never cookie-cutter, but always fresh, surprising and tailored to their location.

Q: In your opinion, what is the best way to gather feedback from guests staying at your hotel?

Frizit: During the stay is the best time to get feedback and especially at the end of the first night so you can overcome the challenges during the rest of the stay. Face to face meeting as part of guest engagement, through the courtesy calls during the stay as well as evening tea and at the lobby lounge are useful ways to gather guest feedback. Another option is through the housekeeping turndown services where the employee would have the chance to speak for at least 15 minutes with the guest while he is doing the turndown service. Online guest survey tools after the departure of the guest as well as social media reviews are also a great source of feedback.

Q: What steps do you to take to make sure you offer a memorable experience to your guests and keep them coming back?

Frizit: It starts from inside the team. They work on engagement with the guests which helps in anticipating their needs. Our idea is to ensure that we find a solution for every enquiry within the capacity of the hotel and according to government laws.

Q: How often do you conduct trainings for your frontline staff and what are the key soft skills that you focus on?

Frizit: We believe training is an ongoing process and we conduct both hard and soft skills training with our frontline staff. The training comprises of brand standards, tasks and skills required as per individual needs. With a different range of training models, we focus on knowledge, work ethics, positive attitude, communication skills and teamwork.

Q: How are you using technology to further enhance the guest experience at Millennium Hotels and Resorts?

Frizit: Technology has played an important role in the hospitality and tourism industry. Our guests can benefit from improved communication with quick access to free WiFi, reservations systems, and guest service systems. Simultaneously our internal technology systems such as QEMS, Opera, Micros and Property Management Systems help us improve our services and guest experience.

About El Mostafa Frizit

El Mostafa Frizit is currently working as Cluster F&B Director of Food & Beverage – Millennium & Copthorne Makkah – Al Naseem, KSA. El Mostafa Frizit is a Food and Beverage, Quality Expert and operational hotel executive, leader, and strategist.

He is highly accomplished and a true veteran hotelier with 20+ years of profit-driven and multi-brands experience in North Africa, Philippines, Middle East and Africa. Frizit believes in achieving success through vision and planning.

He has worn many hats in senior hotel leadership roles and has worked for International hotel brands including Accor Hotels, Accor Academie Middle East, The Address by Emaar, Melia Hotels Dubai and Millennium & Copthorne KSA.