In focus: LapizBlue

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In an interview with, Ashrat Razi the Managing Director at LapizBlue talks about customer feedback being the core fundamental for their company and their focus on developing long-term customer relationships in the housing and building industry. She also highlights the importance of constantly customizing solutions based on the feedback provided.

In focus: LapizBlue

Q: Tell us a bit about LapizBlue and the products that you offer which set you apart from your competitors?

Ashrat Razi: The main purpose of starting LapizBlue was to satisfy the ever-growing demands of the housing and building industry. Our wide range of products, exceptional customer service, and client friendly prices gives us an edge over the current market.

Since LapizBlue is an authorized distributor of Mapei, Dulux, Mosaico+, and other companies, we provide a broad collection of epoxies, grouts, adhesives, sealants, and decorative paints. Apart from these, industrial equipment and verified applicators are some of the other services that the company offers.

Q: What are some of the customer centric features that your business offers? 

Ashrat Razi: To provide complete customer satisfaction, we have in-showroom tile samples, a sample wall that the buyers can choose from, and a customizable paint option to match the client’s requirements. Apart from our thoroughly trained staff members, LapizBlue also has ties with verified applicators from designated companies that provide technical support to our staff and clients.

Q: Can you highlight some of the facilities being offered by your business that enhance customer experience. 

Ashrat Razi: As mentioned before, we are highly client-centric by keeping up with the trends and increasing customer demands. We are constantly adapting to the market and providing the best alternatives for maximum customer satisfaction. Most importantly, we focus on enhancing long-term customer relationships through excellent communication and friendly staff members.

Q: What customer feedback mechanisms do you have in place and how do you deal with negative feedback from your customers?

Ashrat Razi: Feedback is a gift. Here at LapizBlue, we treat all kinds of feedback as the gift it is. Instead of sulking over negative feedbacks, we absorb it and make appropriate changes to reach 100% customer satisfaction.

Understanding their concerns and offering alternative solutions to our clients is our utmost priority. As a team, we believe that along with positive feedback, negative feedback is also critical for the growth of any business.

The company’s official website makes it easier for its customers to reach the staff and provide necessary feedback. Moreover, LapizBlue keeps in touch with customers through various social media platforms, where they can reach out to the company and provide suggestions or express concerns. 

Q: In terms of service, what is your philosophy to ensure customer happiness?

Ashrat Razi: I believe that being transparent with your customer is the most vital thing in ensuring customer happiness. Honesty is the key to a successful business, and thus, providing clients with easy access to information so that they can make informed decisions will help the company grow exponentially. Additionally, one of our main goals is turning one-time customers into loyal ones through qualitative services. The real strength of LapizBlue lies in its employees. Their engagement and dedication, excellent communication skills, and innate drive to cater to our client’s requirements creates an edge over other distributors in the market. 

Q: Do you offer online customer support on your digital platforms and is this support 24/7?

Ashrat Razi: As of now, LapizBlue doesn’t have any 24/7 customer support system on our digital platforms. However, our staff members continuously follow up with our existing customers for updates and assistance on logistics, application, and performance. As we plan to expand LapizBlue shortly, we hope to keep a team dedicated solely to offering online customer service.

Q: In terms of technology, what innovations are you incorporating to make the customer experience better? 

Ashrat Razi: In reference to the previous questions, LapizBlue has incorporated multichannel customer service where the clients can provide feedback or start an enquiry via email, phone, or social media platforms. In addition, we will be introducing digital ordering where the consumers will be able to get the products from the comfort of their own homes. To further maximize our reach, we will also be working with ecommerce sites and hopefully launching our app.

Q: In light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, what are some of the changes and challenges that you feel your industry is facing? 

Ashrat Razi: No doubt, Covid had a significant impact on the construction industry. Every big and small-scale construction halted for a year. Just like several other businesses, LapizBlue also had to suffer due to Covid-19. We had to either discontinue or cancel our deliveries due to lockdowns across the nation. As the construction industry involves a lot of physical meetings and site visits, we had to take extra measures to protect the health of our staff. Post-second-wave, the timely completion of projects is turning out to be our biggest problem. We are thankful to the UAE government for the measures put in place by them to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

Q: Do you have any staff training programs in place and what key soft skills do you focus on to train your employees?

Ashrat Razi: Yes, we do provide thorough training to our staff from time to time. Our weekly meetings keep our staff members updated about new products, trends, services, and technical upgrades in the market.

LapizBlue also challenges its employees to step out of their comfort zone to improve their soft skills so that they can adapt to workplace changes and efficiently use their skills. Furthermore, we prioritize teaching our staff to take valuable input from our customers and recommend products that best suit their needs. Therefore, they can build trustworthy relationships with the clients.

Q: How do you plan on making customer experience better in the future?

Ashrat Razi: A better customer experience is something that we are striving for every day. Narrowing the gap between customer expectations and the actual outcome will make the overall customer experience better. With the rise in technology and easy access to better simulation tools, we can clearly understand what our clients want, and therefore, suggest the best possible options to them. Thus, making their purchase process easy and quick.

About Ashrat Razi

Ashrat Razi, the Managing Director at LapizBlue graduated with a Master’s degree in Chemistry. Therefore, she has a strong grip on industrial chemicals and related products because of her educational background. She started Lapizblue in 2020 in Dubai and has successfully managed to become the authorized distributor of brands such as Mapei, AkzoNobel, Mosaico+ and PVE elevators.