Are your people making the most of these uncertain times by coming across as professional advisors addressing the needs of prospective customers, when providing them with a service? Our innovative blended learning program on Sales Skills is designed to provide both aspiring and seasoned professionals involved in interacting with your customers using different mediums, with proven techniques and strategies to help them become better salespeople.

The program looks at planning; how delegates can make the optimum use of their time, develop their sales process, capitalize on key selling skills, question & listen, and create effective sales presentations with meaningful negotiation tactics & closing techniques. Using a practical and relevant approach to increase your sales acumen and this program is designed to be comprehensive, motivational, highly interactive and fun.


Develop effective persuasion skills/strategies, learn to create rapport, adapt communication styles and navigate through your sales process to match customer needs & expectations, and close more sales.



This workshop empowers you to

  • Create Success

    Growth Mindset

    Recognize the power and impact of positive sales

  • Nurture relationships

    Efficient Sales Cycle

    Learn the right steps: prospecting, presenting and closing

  • People Skills

    People Skills

    Learn to build rapport and credibility to develop long term relationships and increase customer loyalty

  • Productive Outcomes

    Effective Communication

    Exercise empathy, active listening and adopting communication styles to address different types of customers

By the end of this course, participants will know how to:

  • Develop sales/growth mindset and attitudes that drive commitment to targets

  • Map sales cycle with flexibility to buyers’ process and purchase behaviors

  • Qualify prospects and existing customers for new business opportunities

  • Plan for successful customer interactions with an objective in mind

  • Create positive first impression and persuasive conversation/interactions

  • Articulate compelling product/service value proposition to buyers’ unique needs

  • Sharpen active listening skills for customer discovery and stronger relationship

  • Overcome objections and reservations with closing techniques

  • Nurture and engage prospects for more selling opportunity and deeper relationships

  • Apply communication styles that resonate with individual customers for better results


Our programs combine Experiential and Conceptual learning techniques to help participants develop the skills, attitudes and approaches for effective workplace performance.


10 to 15 participants

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