The global pandemic has made virtual teams and remote work a fact for business operations. It is crucial for organizations to gauge and improve their team’s communication skills now more than ever, as virtual teams come with a unique set of challenges. Advancements in technology allow for communication to occur in ways never thought of before. However, performance depends on how effectively employees use these technologies. It is essential to be able to match the technology to the task, stay in sync, be responsive and make intentions clear.

We’re offering a comprehensive training solution for organizations. Your team members will have quality contact hours with our skilled instructors as well as numerous opportunities to develop their skill sets while interacting with other participants.


Equip virtual teams with the right tools and
techniques to maintain a clear line of communication and work productively together.



This workshop empowers you to

  • Create Success

    Create Success

    Build and maintain effective virtual teams

  • Nurture relationships

    Nurture relationships

    Adopt empathy driven conversationsfor better results

  • Clear Communication

    Clear Communication

    Clarify goals, roles, tasks and processes

  • Productive Outcomes

    Productive Outcomes

    complete tasks on time, produce quality deliverables and exceed expectations

By the end of this course, participants will know how to:

  • Design an action plan to optimize team effectiveness

  • Facilitate and participate in virtual meetings effectively

  • Use technological resources for communication and coordination

  • Co-create communications guidelines for ‘office hours’ and virtual meetings

  • Identify and resolve conflicts arising due to miscommunication

  • Empathize and actively listen to each other

  • Nurture optimal team performance through key collaborative relationships

  • Adapt your management approach to meet the needs of virtual operations

  • Manage the risks and bene?ts of distance and cultural diversity


Our programs combine Experiential and Conceptual learning techniques to help participants develop the skills, attitudes and approaches for effective workplace performance.


10 to 20 participants

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