FGB and LIC International Collaborate to Launch ‘first’ Insurance Co-branded Credit Card

FGB and LIC international announced a joint initiative to launch a co-branded credit card for customers in UAE. The credit card will be first of its kind which will offer customers a unified payment solution, along with loyalty offers.

Customers are often reluctant to make insurance payments through credit cards because of ad hoc surcharge levied by many insurance companies on premium payments. The new credit card provides a solution to the issues of concerning policy holders. Moreover, the new card will also offer a platform for both companies to offer various special offers and develop a loyalty program.

Girish Advani, Executive Vice President and Head of Mass Market, Consumer Banking Group, said that the joint project will help both companies offer value added services to customers in the region. He further added that he’s delighted to have partnered with one of the leading companies in the industry, which will help offer saving and convenience to all customers.

Rajesh Kandwal, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of LIC International said that he’s hopeful that the new initiative will offer value added services to customers from two customer-focused organizations.

Both companies have been working together since January 2013. The companies recently also undertook a joint interactive Consumer Awareness Campaign on the importance and benefits of financial planning.

Recently, FGB also introduced a single platform for multiple loyalty programs which was meant for improving the customer experience.

Etisalat Marketplace App Gains Popularity in UAE

Etisalat’s Marketplace mobile app has received 76,000 downloads by users in the UAE market who are seeking deals. There are many deals available on films, dining and other entertainment activities. Etisalat Wednesday initiative enables users to benefit from new deals every Wednesday, which has been immensely successful with over 85,000 purchases since its launch.

Wednesday deals include cinema tickets, dining, desert safaris, amusement parks, spas and beauty salons offers. For Etisalat mobile subscribers the Wednesday deals are complimentary. Additionally, Marketplace brings a wide variety of offers of ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ from more than 180 brands on dining, entertainment, travel and services.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the app is that Etisalat has managed to coordinate with several prominent brands in the UAE including NOVO Cinema, Hardees, TGIF, Dreamland Aqua Park, Wadi Adventure, Pizza Express, Pizzaro, La Brioche, Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme and many others.

Khaled El Khouly, Chief Marketing Officer, Etisalat, said that the number of downloads and coupons purchased reflect the rising popularity of the service. He also said that consumers are interested in getting good deals and special discounts. Etisalat is delighted to serve its customers and reward them for their loyalty. He also expressed hope in offering similar value added services to customers in the future. These initiatives are likely to enhance the customer experience.

Etisalat’s customers can benefit from the special Wednesday deals by visiting the official website or downloading the Marketplace app. After a voucher code has been received on their mobile app or via SMS, customers can use the voucher code to enjoy the deal. The Marketplace app is available on major mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

Commercial Customers of DEWA to Get Services Only Through Website and App

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority has announced that some of the services will be available to its commercial customers from 1st of April 2015, only through its website or smart app. Some of these services include, final bill request, updating customer information and customer enquiries. This is being done in line with the vision to transform Dubai into a smart city and help conserve the environment.

DEWA with its latest updates on the website and smart app has equipped customers to efficiently conduct transactions online which makes the entire process easier for them and saves time.

HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA has encouraged customers in particular to benefit from the new electronic service. He said that the new smart service offers convenience, and would help customers save their time and effort. Government institutions offering smart services are part of a larger plan to make Dubai into a well-integrated, smart city. DEWA’s smart transformation is part of an effort to enhance customer experience and improve satisfaction levels.

The new smart service is environmentally friendly. According to an estimate, in 2013 alone, 11,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission have been eliminated as 3.3 million transactions were conducted online.

DEWA’s smart services are being set up to meet the demands of all customer segments. Customers, consultants, job seekers and other government organizations will be able to benefit from these services.

DEWA’s customers can download its official app which is available on all major mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows.

Tips for Bakeries to Enhance Service for Customers

Looking to become the favorite bakery in your block, or a bakery that customers travel miles to come and eat at? Follow these simple yet effective tips that help you create lasting impressions on your customers, who don’t just value you for great food but also the great customer service you offer.

Ingredients and Presentation

The first step in keeping customers happy at your bakery is through great food. Customers these days have so many places to choose from, all offering coffee and baked items. Why would they come to your bakery? Create recipes that are different. Make sure that the products used to make the items are fresh and of premium quality. Quality directly reflects in the end results and the customer always appreciates it. Cakes made with real extracts and fresh fruit, are far superior to synthetic and tinned ingredients. The presentation of your baked items is also a key ingredient for success. Present your products in a way that is pleasing for the customers who walk in.

Make sure your baked goods are inviting and customers want to come back for them again and again. Create special menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner time. Morning options should have freshly baked croissants, breads and egg sandwiches etc., whereas lunch and dinner can have salads and soups as well, for customers looking to pick something up on the go.

Giving away free samples of your freshly baked items is another great way to attract customers. Ask them for feedback and suggestions for improvement so they know that you value their opinion.

Service, Service, Service!

Offering personalized service is the key to quality customer service, where customers feel they are being valued and are looked after. Remember the name of your frequent customers along with how they like their coffee. Take the extra effort of asking customers what kind of items they are looking for, or whether they want low fat milk or extra cream in their tea and drinks.

Ask your customers for their birthdays and anniversaries. Surprise them by sending out cards and their favorite baked goods, showing them how important they are and how your business cares about them. Not only does this make the customer excited, but also creates awareness about your brand, and reinforces your presence as well as importance.

Once in a while, you can always throw in something a little extra with the order a customer has placed, like give away free croissants or a chocolate cupcake etc. This will certainly make your customers happy.

Design and Ambiance

Customers wouldn’t be interested in having their evening tea or morning coffee in a bakery if it’s stuffy and crowded. Irrespective of the size of your bakery, you have to understand space management and design your bakery in a way, where it provides customers with a comfortable and cozy place to sit and enjoy.

The ambiance should match the theme of the bakery. If the bakery has a vintage feel, then the paintings to the serveware should all be in line with the vision. If the theme is of a modern style café, then it should be planned and designed accordingly as well.

Make sure customers are excited to visit you, knowing they will find great food and a great ambiance.

Social Media Interactions

Bakeries that are favorites, have a very strong social media presence, so their customers can connect with them and know what the updates are. Bakeries often keep changing their menus seasonally and customers are always looking out for their favorite items and promotions.

Use your social media pages to interact with your customers and get information from them. Ask them to write reviews and give ratings on the service and the food. Facebook accounts can be used to upload interactive videos for customer engagement, from recipes to information about the bakery and items etc. Photos should also be shared, with images of the baked goods.