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2024 Internet 2.0 Conference to be a Pivotal Event for Global Technology Discussions

(February 2, 2024)

The 2024 Internet 2.0 Conference aims to facilitate discussions on recent global developments in digital technology and innovation.

The highly anticipated Internet 2.0 Conference is scheduled for February 20–22, 2024, at the InterContinental, Dubai Festival City, Dubai, UAE, and March 18–20, 2024, at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, USA. This event is scheduled as an important gathering in the technology sector, addressing recent developments and challenges in digital connectivity and technology.

The Internet 2.0 Conference is dedicated to exploring the evolution of digital infrastructure, cybersecurity, AI, and various other tech domains. Its primary goal is to provide an in-depth overview of the contemporary digital landscape’s challenges and opportunities. This conference offers valuable insights into how emerging digital technologies are transforming industries and user experiences globally.

Attendees can expect a comprehensive agenda, including discussions on AI-augmented creativity in product design, the intersection of technology and sustainability, and the dynamic nature of cloud computing. The conference will feature enlightening keynotes from industry leaders and engaging interactive sessions. Topics such as the future of gaming, decentralized identity in e-commerce, vulnerabilities in AI tools, and the advent of swarm robotics will be thoroughly explored. These topics are just a facet of the varied and insightful discussions that attendees will get to explore, diving into the diverse world of tech.

A significant aspect of the Internet 2.0 Conference is its focus on networking. Structured networking sessions will provide attendees with opportunities to build connections with industry peers, leaders, and potential collaborators. These interactions are designed to build professional relationships and facilitate the exchange of ideas within the tech industry.

“As we prepare for our 2024 edition, we are committed to delivering an agenda that is not only rich in content but also conducive to building tangible knowledge and industry-driving connections,” commented Kashif Ansari, Manager at Internet 2.0 Conference.

The conference will also offer avenues for exhibitors to display their latest technological advancements and solutions, adding a tangible dimension to the digital advancements discussed.

The Internet 2.0 Conference stands as an anticipated gathering of global experts and leaders in the tech industry. This event is dedicated to exploring the forefront of technology, providing a rich platform for insightful discussions about the future of digital connectivity. For a full view of the agenda and to confirm your attendance, please visit the official website:

The team from LiveAdmins and will also be present at the event.

About Internet 2.0 Conference

The Internet 2.0 Conference is a leading event that brings together global experts and thought leaders in the technology sector. It focuses on the most recent trends and advancements in internet technologies, providing a platform for integral discussions on digital connectivity and the diverse tech landscape. For more details and registration, visit the official website: