In Focus: Audi

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In an exclusive interview, Chayne Brand, Marketing Director for Audi, Middle East highlights Audi’s commitment towards offering superior customer experience. He also talks about Audi’s unique online program that allows customers to customize their Audi the way they want it.

In Focus: Audi

Q: How would you describe Audi in three words or characteristics?

Chayne Brand: Vorsprung durch Technik! Which means Advancement through Technology.  Audi also stands for Sportiness, Sophistication and Progressiveness.


Q: In your opinion, how would you define the traditional Audi customer?

Chayne Brand: All of our owners are diverse and individuals. Audi drivers are typically nonconformists who are highly discerning and unique individuals with a strong appreciation for design and performance.

Q: What sort of customer service can be expected from a standard Audi dealership?

Chayne Brand: This will range from courtesy car availability in the event of an accident to complimentary Wi-Fi access, refreshments and work space for customers while they wait for their cars to be serviced.

Q: How would you describe the customer journey from the moment a customer walks into an Audi showroom?

Chayne Brand: The customer journey is one where customers are attended to efficiently from the moment they enter the showroom, consulted with and offered a range of cars in various specifications, finance opportunities , accessories and Audi Collection items to suit their lifestyle.

Q: With the United Arab Emirates being a hub for luxury and sports car lovers, how do you stay ahead of the competition in winning the customer over?

Chayne Brand: It is essential to engage in an ongoing dialogue with customers post-purchase as well as during the purchase process. In this way customers become brand advocates that promote their satisfaction with Audi, their car and their dealer to others. A highly desirable and attractive brand image, strong design orientation and technological innovations, superior quality in all areas and benchmark service levels secure this.

Q: Do you offer online customer support on your website for customers looking for information before they decide to pay a visit at the dealership?

Chayne Brand: Our online presence is benchmark in the industry. The Audi Car Configurator allows customers the ability to “build” their vehicle online to their exact specification as well as compare the pricing.

Q: How would you describe the role of your representatives in being customer-centric?

Chayne Brand: Audi is ‘Vorsprg durch Technik’ and represents many years of expertise in the car manufacturer industry. Continuous training for Audi representatives is the foundation for their professional expertise and competence. The Aftersales team wants to strengthen their relationship with customers and reinforce that they have made the right decision to choose the Audi brand. They are their contact for any concerns or questions from our customers.

Sporty, sophisticated and progressive is what makes the car ownership experience unique. Our aim is to support those attributes in order to protect the delight and the unique experience of driving an Audi. Furthermore, a complete service history enhances the warranty and it can increase the potential resale value of our cars as well.

Our highly skilled technicians acquire continuously advanced Audi training. Here they are trained to use the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment. This and the unique quality of Audi Genuine Parts are only some of our secrets of success. To enable continuous and long-lasting delight with your Audi, we have to service and maintain your vehicle in specifically defined intervals. This guarantees to maximize the reliability of your Audi.

The aim of Audi is to be one step ahead with its technological performance. Continuous product updates are one element, which can also be performed after your car purchase. They maintain the durability, performance and safety of the car itself. Every single service is performed in relation to the specific Audi guidelines. Through this we ensure our consistently high premium standard. This assures that the specific requirements of your Audi are exactly met at any time.

Q: What are your after sale service and support processes?

Chayne Brand: The Audi Service Core Process provides the guidelines for the trouble free processing of a customers’ vehicle through our Service Centers. Ultimately observing the Service Core Process precisely and delivering a premium service ensures our customers remain loyal to our brand and our respective dealerships.

The Audi Complete Package offers service and maintenance for up to 5 years or 75,000 km, whichever comes first, depending on the individual model. It is available for most models across the Audi range. It is valid from the first new car registration date and covers items scheduled for replacement as per the manufacturer’s service schedule.

Audi Roadside Assistance: It gives you peace of mind when you need it on your journey. In the event of unforeseen breakdowns, Audi Roadside Assistance will recover, repair or transport your vehicle to the nearest authorized Audi dealer.

Q: How do you build and enhance relationships with your clients?

Chayne Brand: Through our dealers and their promotional offers, invitations to events and of course at service intervals. We also engage through our Facebook page which now has more than 3 million followers.

Q: What are your 3 top selling Audis in the UAE?

Chayne Brand: Audi Q7, Audi Q5 and Audi A8.

Q: Can you share some upcoming launches, promotions and features that will add to the Audi customer experience?

Chayne Brand: The new Audi Q7 is currently being launched across the Middle East region, which will be followed directly by an exclusive regional customer driving event taking place in Dubai in October. Another upcoming highlight will be the 2015 Dubai Motor Show from 10-14 November, where we will showcase our latest incarnations of Vorsprung durch Technik.