In Focus: Four Seasons Hotel

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Mr. Rami Sayess is the General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel in Doha as well as the Regional Vice President overseeing Four Seasons hotels and resorts in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Azerbaijan and Turkey. In this interview, Mr. Sayess talks about the hotel’s customer-centric philosophies which are aimed towards enhancing the overall guest experience.

In Focus: Four Seasons Hotel

What is your motto for customer satisfaction and providing exceptional guest experiences?

Rami Sayess: As a brand, Four Seasons is recognized as a global leader for our intuitive, consistent and exceptional guest experiences.   Our priority is to always exceed our valued guests’ expectations and create unforgettable memories. To do so, satisfying our guests depends on the united efforts of many; we are most effective when we work together cooperatively, respecting each other’s contribution and importance.

Most of the guests that stay at Four Seasons Doha, are they on business trips or on vacation? How do your services and offers vary for the needs of both?

Rami Sayess: Our guests vary between business and leisure so our services and offers are made to match their visit requirements. We care about our guests’ needs and create a suitable environment along with amenities that allow them to relax in the comforts of our luxurious hotel with a feeling of a ‘home away from home.’

How does your staff handle difficult and angry customers?

Rami Sayess: We listen, we empathize and we try to put ourselves in the guest’s perspective. Then we try to resolve the situation immediately and communicate it with other colleagues so everyone is aware. From the experience and based on the way we handle these customers they tend to become our most loyal guest.

What are your customer service strategies for new and returning customers?

Rami Sayess: Our strategy is to always ensure consistency in service, product delivery while building an outstanding level of recognition for all of our guests. Understanding our guests’ distinct preferences and desires as well as being able to accommodate those needs is something we always aim to provide for our regular and returning guests

How much emphasis is placed on customer feedback in deciding your menu setup and banquet services?

Rami Sayess: Guest feedback is a very important pillar in provision of our services and to create the ultimate Four Seasons experience. We continually update and enhance our service to fulfill any request and to gain our guests’ feedback.

What kind of online customer support services do you have for online inquiries, bookings and so forth?

Rami Sayess: Our guests can book online directly from our website and from here it becomes the first step for their personalized visit. We recognize dietary restrictions, special occasions and preferences. All can be arranged upon the online reservation process.

What amenities and services do you provide in your most luxurious rooms and suites?

Rami Sayess: We understand that nothing is more luxurious than to return to the comforts of your room or suite and enjoy an exclusive amenity from Four Seasons Hotel Doha. The hotel offers different types of thoughtful amenities, ranging from fruit and intricate desserts to something that is very personalized.

Which services offered by your hotel are more popular with customers as compared to those offered by other hotels in the region?

Rami Sayess: That would be the iconic Four Seasons bed! We have recently changed the beds in all of our suites with Four Seasons Signature Bed. We understand that a great night’s sleep leads to vitality and wellness to face a busy day, which starts with a luxurious and comfortable mattress. This fully customizable collection allows guests to choose from one of three mattress toppers: Signature, Signature Plush and Signature Firm.

Can you share an example of exceptional customer service by your staff that resulted in an extremely happy customer?

Rami Sayess: There are quite a few. This is what we do on a day-to-day basis by creating a ‘wow’ moment for our guests. It can be as simple as remembering guest breakfast preference and surprising them with that, to something big, such as arranging the ‘almost impossible’ in a timeframe that is barely achievable.

What are your future plans for further enhancing the customer experience at Four Seasons, Doha?

Rami Sayess: We are currently updating our Food and Beverage offerings in an effort to continue to be a leader in innovation, thus keeping our guests highly engaged and exceeding their expectations.

Additionally, we will be opening Nobu Doha soon, which will feature three distinct floors to experience acclaimed Chef Nobu’s signature new-style Japanese cuisine.

The Hotel is also going to debut the Shisha Terrace, a new restaurant that offers a magical view over the Arabian Gulf and grotto pool, in a stylish, yet relaxed, Arabic setting.