In focus: Ruve Hotel

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In an interview with, Haitham Dwai, the General Manager at Ruve Hotel in Madinah talks about the importance of guest feedback. He also highlights the customer journey at their hotel, how staff training is done and the focus on guest satisfaction.

In focus: Ruve Hotel

Q: Tell us a bit about Ruve Hotel and what sets you apart from your competitors in the hospitality sector?

Haitham: At Ruve Hotel, we offer 89 spacious business class rooms and suites with a comfortably furnished modern look to satisfy our guests.

We are a 4-star hotel located in the heart of Jeddah (Tahlia Street) where most commercial and entertainment centers are present.

Q: Can you highlight some of the facilities and amenities that you provide which enhance the guest experience?

Haitham: Our elegantly furnished hotel and spacious rooms are two factors that have resulted in guest satisfaction. As soon as our guests step into the lobby, welcome drinks are always offered along with complimentary dates and Arabian coffee before being hosted by our friendly staff. We always try to make our hotel feel like a home for our guests.

Q: Please share with us the customer journey at your hotel from the moment a guest enters till they check-out?

Haitham: When the guests enter the hotel they are met by the concierge and they get guided to the reception where they are hosted in a professional manner. As per the request of the guest, they are directed to their room where all their requirements are met. Finally, on the day of check-out, we are always flexible with the check-out timing based on the circumstances of our guests.

Q: What is your philosophy when it comes to ensuring customer happiness?

Haitham: Our purpose is to achieve maximum guest satisfaction. We deal with our guests in a polite and professional manner starting from the concierge to the F&B as well as the housekeeping departments.

Q: Do you offer any loyalty programs or discount packages for your customers?

Haitham: We are currently studying the idea of making a loyalty program. We believe this helps attract more customers. We hope to implement it very soon.

Q: What feedback mechanisms do you have in place and how do you deal with negative feedback from your guests?

Haitham: We always consider the negative feedback we get from the guests and work to improve our performance accordingly. We take negative feedback as a learning experience.

Q: Do you offer online customer support on your digital platforms and is this support 24/7?

Haitham: Yes, we do offer 24/7 online customer service on our website. This platform is a great way for us to gain access to clients and build interaction.

Q: How are you incorporating the latest technology to make the customer experience better?

Haitham: Our hotel offers a modern experience starting from the reception where a room card will be provided to the guests that allows them to access their room by swapping the card over the electric chip reader. In addition to that, the parking area works just the same with a chip reader present on the parking entrance.

Q: In the light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, what are some of the changes and safety measures in place at your hotels?

Haitham: Following Saudi Arabia’s regulations, we always ask for the proof of full vaccination that can be seen by the application Tawakkalna. In addition, we always provide face masks at the entrance and have sanitizer dispensers all over the hotel.

Q: Do you have any staff training programs in place and what key soft skills do you focus on?

Haitham: Yes, we have staff training programs in place. We train our staff on how to properly serve the guests and listen to all feedback given to them as well as how to behave with polite body language to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Q: How do you plan on making customer experience better in the future?

Haitham: Our purpose is to always work on our weak points and continue to maintain our strengths. We also focus on creating frequent promotions to attract our guests to the hotel. The future of the hotel depends on the customer experience that we deliver, feedback and response we get.

About Haitham

Haitham Dwai has been working for over 28 years in the hotel industry. He is currently the General Manager at Ruve Hotels, Saudi Arabia. He has worked with several hotels in the past including Radisson Hotel, Warwick hotels, Hyatt Regency, Durrah Beach Resorts and Movenpick Resort.