In focus: HashMove Logistics Platform

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In an exclusive interview with, Sarfaraz Alam the CEO at HashMove, Logistics Platform talks about user experience being the core fundamental of their platform and their focus on providing a seamless experience to customers.  He also highlights the importance of carefully listening to customers and constantly improving service and solutions based on the feedback provided.

In focus: HashMove Logistics Platform

Q: Tell us a bit about HashMove and what sets you apart from your competitors?

Sarfaraz: HashMove is a Multi Modal B2B Logistics Marketplace Platform which is transforming the logistics industry through its smart, end-to-end digital connectivity where shippers and logistics providers can connect and transact seamlessly.

Headquartered in Dubai, our Smart Multimodal Logistics Marketplace is a global community of Freight Forwarders, Shipping Lines, Customs Agents, Trucking, and Warehousing companies that are capturing new business opportunities. The platform provides a simple, hassle-free transition into instant digitalization as we empower our customers to take control of your logistics business in GCC and South Asia.

HashMove was conceived by a group of visionaries from Silicon Valley in US and Dubai. The founders of the company are equipped with over two decades of experience in Technology and Development of Core IT infrastructure, predominantly for Customs, Aviation & Logistics operations in the world. We understand the complexity and operational challenges around logistics in GCC and South Asian region way better than others.

At present, there is no single platform available in the Middle East and South Asia which provides the digital connectivity to customers like we do.

Q: Can you highlight some of the facilities and features being offered by your business that enhance customer experience.

Sarfaraz: User Experience is one of the core fundamentals of our platform since its inception. We value the feedback from industry pundits, and we enhance our platform on quarterly basis. Due to our extreme customer focus mentality, we have on boarded over +150 Logistics companies in over 20 countries worldwide. The richness of our platform in terms of digital connectivity provides a seamless experience to our customers when it comes to booking their cargo in a B2B environment worldwide. A rich communication feature helps these logistics companies to communicate together in a closed loop environment with complete trust and efficiency.

Q: What is your philosophy when it comes to ensuring customer happiness?

Sarfaraz: Our customer service and happiness philosophy is to take the personal responsibility for providing the customer with efficient and prompt services starting with carefully listening to their feedback and comments. This ensures that we have understood their needs after which we put in all effort to fulfil their needs doing what needs to be done to meet their expectation. In short, we take the ownership of the customer experience, and we deliver it.

Q: What feedback mechanisms do you have in place and how do you deal with negative feedback from your customers?

Sarfaraz: Well, we always believe in the old mantra of ‘Customer is always right’. No matter what kind of feedback we receive, either bad or good, we tend to respond promptly and always stay professional and courteous. We understand the customer and never shy away in apologizing.

Our customer support team puts in time and effort to solve issues, and we are always honest whilst doing our best to turn the negative feedback into positive.

Q: Do you offer online customer support on your digital platforms and is this support 24/7?

Sarfaraz: Our platform is always accessible to our customers, and we receive support queries every day. At present we are working 14×6 days basis and soon we intend to extend our 24x7x365 days of customer support through our digital platform. We are also planning to start providing customer support in 4 languages namely, English, Arabic, Urdu/Hindi, Spanish from Q2 of 2022.

Q: In light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, what are some of the changes and challenges that you feel that your industry is facing?

Sarfaraz: To be very honest, every industry was moving from manual to a digital trend. However, Covid-19 has now made everyone realize that without being digital there is no hope and guarantee for any organization to survive. Thanks to the digital revolution being brought by HashMove in Logistics space, the freight and logistics companies are now able to connect with their customers locally and internationally which wasn’t possible a year ago.

Q: Do you have any staff training programs in place and what key soft skills do you focus on?

Sarfaraz: Yes, we do. From Q2 of 2022, our HR team has devised a comprehensive plan to uplift the soft skills of our employees which they have identified already. By providing such additional skills we believe that the employees will have an extra edge when it comes to giving their best to the overall growth of the organization.

Q: How do you plan on making customer experience better in the future?

Sarfaraz: Good question! I refer to the fantastic quote by Earl Nightingale, “Our attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us.” I totally believe in this and therefore our work ethics and commitment towards customer experience is one of our core attributes. In coming years, we need to achieve the following:

  • We aim to provide our digital platform in at least 5 languages by 2025
  • Our call center shall provide the customer support in at least 5 languages by 2025 on 24×7 basis
  • We aim to resolve customer feedback/ issues within an hour by 2025
  • We will not settle for less when it comes to providing the best of the best customer support and experience to our global customer base.

About Sarfaraz

Sarfaraz is the Co-Founder & CEO of HashMove. His leadership along with the collaborative efforts of the other Co-Founders turned HashMove from a vision to an inevitable reality.