In focus: Aseel Resort

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In an interview with, Ahmed Zaki, General Manager at Aseel Resort in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia speaks about various steps being taken to offer a valuable guest experience. He also highlights how Aseel Resort is focusing on their staff training programs and constantly gathering customer feedback so they can put their best foot forward to attain happy customers.

In focus: Aseel Resort

Q: Can you give us a brief overview about your resort and what makes Aseel Resort stand out among its competitors?

Ahmed: Aseel Resort is located in Diriya, the heart of the Kingdom’s historical spot, surrounded by farms, alongside Wadi hanifa. We have different farm like villas and spaces where guests and their family members can play old favorite fun games outdoors or indoors.  Our guests can feel nature’s breeze while relaxing and chatting with friends in our open-air grounds while the kids enjoy their swimming activities. Guests can relish upon our favorite grilling menus as well.

Q: Can you highlight some of the facilities and amenities that you provide which enhance the guest experience?

Ahmed: We offer a variety of private farms that simulate heritage with modern amenities. These farms add a touch of privacy through the surrounding lush landscaped garden, and there is a private pool for each farm. This is in addition to the Aseel Garden Lounge that has a charming and distinctive outdoor seating area which offers the best hot and cold beverages and many cuisines served on varied and distinctive plates.

Q: What feedback processes do you have in place and how do you deal with negative feedback from your guests?

Ahmed: We express concern for every negative feedback, as every small detail counts. We listen carefully to the problem, identify and ask questions for more clarification and find a solution to overcome the situation. We offer compensation for customer satisfaction.

Q: Do you offer 24/7 customer support on your online digital platforms?

Ahmed: We offer digital support through our WhatsApp number and through our website which is currently going through an upgrade process.

Q: Do you offer any loyalty programs or discount packages for your customers?

Ahmed: Currently discount packages are not applicable as we are a new business and we just opened 3 years ago. However, we are working on a program that rewards our loyal customers to build stronger relationships with them and achieve better business.

Q: How do you ensure that the standard and quality of the services you offer is maintained?

Ahmed: We invest in training our staff at all levels and look for ways to improve quality and eliminate problems by arranging different programs and organizing a quality controller circle.

Q: How are you incorporating the latest technology to make the customer experience better?

Ahmed: We are working on solutions that will allow the guests to have a contactless experience starting from the time of booking, check-in and till the check-out time.

Q: Do you have any staff training programs in place and what key soft skills do you focus on?

Ahmed: Yes, this is frequently arranged according to the programs applied by the ministry of tourism and other institutes related to the field.

Q: How do you plan on making customer experience better in the future?

Ahmed: We empower our employees and find out the best ways to support customer experience. We measure and analyze any feedback we receive to improve customer experience and leverage its growth potential. Furthermore, we are investing in our staff to make them happy so that in the longer run they will take care of our guests.

About Ahmed Zaki

Ahmed has worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years. His previous experiences include being the Hotel Manager at Grand Pyramids Hotel – Horizon Hotels and Resorts and the General Manager at Laguna Vista Beach & Garden Resort.