In Focus: Morgan International

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Daniel Baiduc, Country Manager – U.A.E. at Morgan International, discusses the relationship between possessing a deep understanding of your customer and providing them with an optimal customer experience.

In Focus: Morgan International

Q: How would you describe Morgan International in just three words?

I would say that Morgan International is best described with the following words: innovative, expertise, all-inclusive service.

Q: What is your philosophy when it comes to customer service?

At Morgan International, our focus on combining technical expertise with a passion for teaching results in a positive customer experience.

Q: How does Morgan International demonstrate customer service excellence?

Quite frankly, we know our products and our people. From the moment a potential candidate steps into our office until they achieve their desired certification, we pivot around a focus on curating a fully-customised professional development solution for them.

Q: Does the focus on innovation and research translate into the day-to-day interactions with customers? If so, can you provide some examples?

I think it does! As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology, our company has recognised the need to regularly offer skills-enhancement sessions to our employees. We believe that such innovative training workshops allow o+ur staff members to provide the utmost care to the customer.  Not only that, we also encourage staff members to leverage digital and online platforms to deliver customised learning solutions.

Q: What are some guiding values that define the Morgan International experience?

The Morgan International experience is recognized by our commitment to integrity, self-improvement, and collaboration.

Q: What are some of the ways your customers can get in touch with your support team? Which of the customer support channels are available on a 24/7 basis?

We offer online customer support through various channels including website-based assistance, social media channels, and catering to office inquiries by our expert program advisors. We also support candidates with exam prep through instructor mentoring, unlimited academic support and local instructor availability.

Q: How does Morgan International plan to “wow” customers in the coming year?

We plan to keep on providing our customers with cutting-edge, comprehensive professional development solutions.

About Daniel

Daniel is an experienced sales professional with a demonstrated history of managing sales teams in both Romania and the U.A.E. As Morgan’s country lead, Daniel is responsible for designing and delivering tailor-made training solutions for businesses in the region.