In Focus: Bullseye

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Managing Director Riyaz Neem talks about the challenges Bullseye Integrated Marketing faces as an entrepreneurial venture in a business hub like Dubai, and the significance of maintaining the human element in customer service.

In Focus: Bullseye

Q: Being an entrepreneurial venture, what inspired you to start Bullseye?

Riyaz: The desire to be my own boss.

Q: What challenges do you face positioning yourself in the market, in comparison to other popular advertising agencies in the region? What sets you apart?

Riyaz: The limitations of not being part of a larger, global network. What sets us apart is ironically, the same – i.e. not being part of a larger network, we deliver faster, better and more effective communication solutions for our clients. We never chase awards. We chase good, effective work.

Q: How strongly do you believe in being customer-centric and why?

Riyaz: Not being customer-centric is not an option.

Q: With everything being automated in this digital era, do you believe the human element in customer service is still essential and can actually give you an edge over your competitors? How much of human element does bullseye incorporate in their services?

Riyaz: The answer lies in the question – in an age of increasing automation, it is only the human interface that can deliver a genuine, personal level of customer service. Technology can support service, not replace it.

Q: You have a very tongue-in-cheek marketing style, how well is that received by your online audience? Do you believe this style is apt for the Middle-Eastern market?

Riyaz: Humour is universal. The notion that the Middle Eastern region does not have a sense of humour is a misconception. Everyone likes a laugh. No exception.

Q: What platforms are available for customers to get in touch with your company, and which ones have proven to be most effective?

Riyaz: Emails, landline calls, mobile calls. Emails being the most effective.

Q: Do you feel the evolution of multiple digital platforms has made it difficult for organizations to ensure quality experience to their customers?

Riyaz: Yes and No. Yes, because not many organizations adopt multiple digital platforms whole-heartedly. No – in the case of organizations like Emirates who have adopted digital platforms in a clear, focused manner complemented by a team of uncompromising professionals.

Q: Is feedback an important part of the customer experience journey Bullseye delivers?

Riyaz: Absolutely.

Q: What sort of training programs do you have in place for your employees? How effective have they been in improving customer service?

Riyaz: Technical training is always ongoing. From a customer service standpoint, we are a bit old-school – we believe in treating every person, whether a customer or not, in the same way we’d want to be treated.

Q: How do you plan to enhance customer experience this year?

Riyaz: Get the basics right: say what you do and do what you say – with a smile.

About Riyaz

Riyaz Neem is a proprietor with an anti-establishment streak. Doesn’t own a suit. Rides a motorcycle to work, at times in sweltering heat (and pretends to enjoy it). Reluctant user of iPhones and Macs. Can’t get through the day without his masala chai.