About the Event

Introducing the two-day virtual conference, the “Future Factories Summit MENA 2021” scheduled on 22-23 March 2021 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Dubai time). The summit is organized by a UAE based management called Verve Management, a business intelligence and event company. It will provide companies a platform to connect with vendors and suppliers, showcase their new innovative technologies and offer solutions to maximize the level of effectiveness that can be provided by industries and companies. It’s a must attend events for industrial and manufacturing professionals who intend to boost their factory to the maximum level of competitiveness and innovation.

Talking Points

  • Gain Knowledge and Insights

    Gain Knowledge and Insights

  • Build Industry Ecosystem Collaboration

    Build Industry Ecosystem Collaboration

  • Real-time case studies

    Real-time case studies

  • Network with Industry Peers

    Network with Industry Peers

Manufacturing professionals globally are already leading the way to modern manufacturing by making bold moves unencumbered with outdated systems and legacy albatrosses. If you are ready to innovate and join their ranks while resonating with the following reasons compelling enough to attend, then register today:


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