Touchscreens to be Added in Taxis of Abu Dhabi
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Touchscreens in taxis of Abu Dhabi

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New touchscreens will soon be added to taxis in Abu Dhabi in order to provide better experience to passengers. The interactive screens will be used to deliver information, advertising content and the option to play games.

The new entertainment in taxi initiative has been launched by the Centre for Regulation of Transport for Hire Cars. The center has been taking strides to revamp customer experience.

The colored screens are touch sensitive and will be installed on the back of front passenger seats. The screens will support English and Arabic languages for all the content served to the passengers. The project will be rolled out in the first week of July this year. The company has been working on the content and ensuring that all technical requirements have been fulfilled. The screens will only operate once the customer has boarded the taxi and the meter has been turned on.

Abu Dhabi city guide provided in the screens would help give directions to travelers. Similarly, the passengers would also be able to know about shopping and entertainment places in Abu Dhabi. Businesses would be able to advertise via screens, offering promotions and seasonal discounts. However, it is to be noted that customers who do not want to be exposed to the advertisements can use the mute button instead.

Besides the usual marketing content, the taxi screens would also provide marketers an outlet to gather customer feedback through surveys and competitions. The company says that addition of these new LCD screens would add to the travel experience of passengers as they sit and wait in the taxi to reach their desired destination.

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