Disclaimer Policy

Please read the disclaimer policy laid forth by CustomerService.ae. You can contact us at editor@customerservice.ae for any changes, amendments or suggestions.

Use of Images

Every care is exercised to use only original images. Whenever an image is used from another website, proper credit is given. However, if you feel that any image has been used on our website belongs to you and has been used without proper accreditation, we are bound to add credits or remove that image from our website as per your discretion.

Website Content


The reports published on CustomerService.ae use statistics and other information from various publications available online. All credits are given to the information used from these sources. However if you feel any information has been wrongly cited, we will remove that information or provide due credit which we may have left out by mistake.

Customer Service Forum

The customer service forum acts as a platform where businesses and customers can interact to share their viewpoint about customer services in GCC. CustomerService.ae cannot be held liable for the content generated by users on its forum. However, we will provide all companies (interested) with a valid username, using which they can interact with the customers to resolve their issues. CustomerService.ae holds the right to amend any or all content, publish any content or choose not to publish any content without any notice to anyone.


Interviews of experts in different industries are published with a customer service angle. The opinions expressed by the interviewees are totally their own and do not necessarily reflect CustomerService.ae’s views.

Removal of Content

CustomerService.ae holds the right to amend, publish or remove any content without any prior notice to anyone.


All comments posted by users on the CustomerService.ae website provide the visitors a way to interact, adding to an engaging web usage experience. All opinions expressed in these comments are strictly of the website visitors and are not reflective of the opinions possessed by CustomerService.ae. CustomerService.ae does not endorse these opinions in any implicit or explicit manner, whatsoever.

Changes in Disclaimer Policy

CustomerService.ae and its editorial team, with the discretion of senior management, can make any amendments or changes to this Disclaimer Policy as deemed necessary. The CustomerService.ae team is not obliged to give any notice about this change. Users who want to remain updated on the Disclaimer Policy of CustomerService.ae need to keep visiting the website on frequent basis.

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