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UAE Banks Federation News

UAE Banks Become Proactive Towards Service Quality Benchmarks

(5 years ago)

The UAE’s Bank Federation (UBF) which is a representation of all banks in UAE, has decided to use a code of conduct for all its members, to regulate service quality. The adoption of the co ...Read Full Story

Mobile Apps for Food Voilation

New Mobile App Facilities the Abu Dhabi Citizens to Inform Food Violations Instantly

(5 years ago)

The new android app helps the residents of Abu Dhabi to inform food violations instantly through the use of their mobile phones. This will allow people to inform regulators of any kind of fo ...Read Full Story

Doug Lipp of Disney

Ex- Disney Expert Helps Empower UAE to Improve Their Customer Service Skills

(5 years ago)

Doug Lipp, the former head of training at Disney University,  counseled an audience of managers and executives in Dubai on how to win the hearts of their customers by following the Disney model. ...Read Full Story

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