Instant Messaging

Customer Service Through Instant Messaging

(2 years ago)

One of the emerging trends in customer service best practices include communication through instant messaging services such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Line and website-integrated live chat. Many ...Read Full Story


Reasons Why You Should Always be Honest with Your Customers

(2 years ago)

Being honest and truthful helps create trust and build stronger relationships between companies and customers. Adapting to the idea of implementing honesty in your business organization, within and e ...Read Full Story

Customer Relationship Management

The Importance of Customer Relationship Management

(2 years ago)

Customer relationship management is one of the most important aspects of effective customer service. Although the role of client relationship has drastically changed over the past few years due to th ...Read Full Story

Improve Customer Experience

3 Reasons Why Understanding Psychology Helps You Improve Customer Experience

(2 years ago)

In order to give your customers something to remember, you must first understand what they want. At the very core, business is not all that different from psychology. Both go hand in hand, as they i ...Read Full Story


5 Common Misconceptions About Customer Experience

(2 years ago)

Delivering an amazing service experience is certainly the top priority of every business these days. However, in order to ...Read Full Story

Donna Benton, Founder & CEO of the Entertainer

“We take the customer experience seriously”: Donna Benton, Founder & Chairman of the Entertainer

(2 years ago)

Donna Benton, Founder & Chairman of the Entertainer which offers ‘Buy One Get One Free’ deals for different outlets talks about the importance of listening to customers and adapting to provid ...Read Full Story

Emotional Intelligence for Customer Retention

How Emotional Intelligence Helps You Enhance Customer Satisfaction

(2 years ago)

Do you know what it takes to turn customers into brand advocates? Most businesses focus on product innovation, competitive price and efficient service. While these factors are essential for attracting ...Read Full Story

Frontline Experience for Business Leaders

Why Frontline Experience is Essential for Business Leaders

(2 years ago)

Great leaders know the importance of creating a customer centric culture within the organization. To promote that culture and vision, they need to experience the role at the frontline interacting with ...Read Full Story

Customer Experience

How Customer Experience Mapping Can Help Improve Service

(3 years ago)

Customer experience mapping is one of the most useful techniques to analyze the ...Read Full Story

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