How Technology is Changing Customer Service Expectations

(4 years ago)

Technological evolution has changed the way customers shop, communicate and acquire various services. Gadgets have become deeply ingrained in our daily routines from personal computers to smart watche ...Read Full Story

Customers Remarks

Are You Pushing Away Your Customers with these Common Business Blunders?

(4 years ago)

Have you ever thought that making your customers wait in a queue or giving them senseless explanations when they complain can make them switch from your company? Customers prefer an organization that ...Read Full Story


“Customer Satisfaction is at the heart of Ooredoo’s customer centric philosophy”: Radu Ciocan, Director of Group Customer Experience, Ooredoo

(4 years ago)

Ooredoo is a leading telecommunication company in the region with a rapidly growing customer base. In this interview, Mr. Radu Ciocan, Director of Group Customer Experience for Ooredoo discusses the c ...Read Full Story

Multichannel Customer Service Experience

The Why and How of Multichannel Customer Support

(4 years ago)

In order for businesses to stand out from the competition and capture the market share, enhanced customer experience is paramount. Businesses need to adopt a more holistic approach to customer service ...Read Full Story

Customers Complaints

What Businesses Need to do When Customer Complaints Occur?

(4 years ago)

A customer complaint is an indication of a client’s displeasure regarding a product or service. Customer complaints often arise due to lack of communication on the corporation’s part, substandard ...Read Full Story

Marketing for Different Customers

How to Devise a Marketing Strategy for Different Kinds of Customers

(4 years ago)

The crucial factor for the success of any business lies in understanding the expectations of different kinds of customers and their buying behavior. A marketing campaign launched without knowing the m ...Read Full Story


Understanding and Building Better Customer Relationships

(4 years ago)

Building long term relationships with customers is essential for the growth and success of any business. Offering personalized services helps in client retention and loyalty. The quality of customer s ...Read Full Story


How to Incentivize Your Customer Service Staff

(4 years ago)

Customer Service Representatives often feel demotivated and stressed because of the nature of their jobs. Creating incentives for staff members is essential to keep them motivated so that they can ser ...Read Full Story

Kavita S. Al Jassim, Head of Customer Experience, Gulf Air

“The ultimate passenger experience, we believe, is enhanced by facilitating greater frequency and ease of customer interaction”: Kavita S. Al Jassim, Head of Customer Experience, Gulf Air

(4 years ago)

Kavita S. Al Jassim, Head of Gulf Air’s Customer Experience speaks about the airline’s holistic approach in providing an exceptional passenger experience through round-the-clock customer support s ...Read Full Story

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