With growing automation and rise of robots taking over our jobs, there is a need for all of us to learn the right skills to remain competitive in the future. Let us help you develop these essential skills for your professional growth using Experiential Learning methodologies. Come experience learning like never before!

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Talking Points

Over the course of 9-hours, you will explore 10 of the most sought after skills for a 2020 workplace. The workshop will deepen your understanding of these essential human skills leaving you with a ready to apply action plan.

Complex Problem






Leadership and
Decision Making





  • 09:00 am – 09:20 am
    Registrations Open
    Check-in to the venue and grab your early morning dose of caffeine
  • 09:20 am – 09:45 am
    Meet & Greet
    Socialize and get to know your fellow participants. Share your experiences and network to build valuable business contacts.
  • 09:45 am – 10:00 am
    Introductions 101
    Get to know more about CustomerService.ae and our innovative experiential training solutions
  • 10:00 am – 10:30 am
    Setting the Tone
    Talking about the expectations and setting the tone with an ice-breaker
  • 10:30 am – 11:00 am
    Beat the Bots: Thriving in the Future Workplace
  • 11:00 am – 11:30 am
    Loud and Clear: Achieving Clarity in Communication
    People Skills – Round 1
  • 11:30 am – 12:15 pm
    True Synergy: Groups Deliver Bigger Wins
    People Skills – Round 2
  • 12:15 pm - 01:00 pm
    Lunch Break
  • 01:00 pm - 01:45 pm
    Beyond Hello: Accurately Reading People
    People Skills – Round 3
  • 01:45 pm - 02:45 pm
    Elementary, My Dear Watson: Crack the Mystery in 60 minutes!
    Decision-making Skills - Round 1
  • 02:45 pm - 03:45 pm
    In the Driver’s Seat: Will Your Pit Crew Get You to First Place?
    Decision-making Skills - Round 2
  • 03:45 pm - 04:15 pm
    Coffee Break
  • 04:15 pm - 05:00 pm
    One Size Does Not Fit All: Effectively Break Negotiation Deadlocks
    Decision-making Skills - Round 3
  • 05:00 pm - 05:15 pm
    A Look Ahead: Fast-Forwarding to the Year 2020

Who Should Attend

Leaders of today and tomorrow with a knack for excellence and efficiency, who plan on being relevant in the competitive marketplace of 2020.

Trainer Profiles

Say hello to our marvelous trainers! Our diverse panel of experts have trained thousands of professionals nationally and internationally for the past 10 years. They would love to share their expertise, insights and a variety of resources with you.

Hamza Nasir

Hamza Nasir

Director Strategic Relations

A versatile leader, strategist and doer when it comes to improving the bottom line of businesses in the US and GCC regions. In his 10-year stint with CustomerService.ae and LiveAdmins DMCC, he has helped numerous businesses turn around their profitability through trainings, customer success management and technology application. When he’s not training, he loves traveling and exquisite cuisines.

Saad Tariq

Saad Tariq

Director Training & Development

Saad is an experienced soft skills trainer in both the education and corporate sector. He is known for his outstanding ability to create energetic, interactive and fun filled experiences for trainees. Saad is a people’s person and has trained staff in numerous organizations. Saad also has a serious sweet tooth and is an ardent football fan rooting for Manchester United.

Talal Saiyer

Talal Saiyer

Director Product Development

Talal has been developing and customizing a range of soft skill and customer service training workshops. He is an accomplished, dynamic and client driven training professional. He is a passionate, energetic and motivated trainer who reaches out to people during sessions, making them participate and connect. Talal loves Middle Eastern food and can hum any tune.

Noreen Nusrat

Noreen Nusrat

Communications Strategist

With extensive experience in counselling professionals on communication strategies with the aim of achieving specific business objectives, Noreen helps devise strategies on corporate communications, employee management & media relations. With her strong interest in talent development, she initiated various internal training workshops for her firm. When she isn’t working, Noreen makes the best coffee in the house.

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