Etihad Announces Its Withdrawal from Skytrax Rating
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Etihad Airways

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Etihad Airways sends out official letter to Skytrax, declaring its exit from the rating firm as well as Skytrax World Airline Awards and the Skytrax Audit.

Etihad Airways has announced its withdrawal from Skytrax, a UK based travel rating company. The decision was made after reviewing the rating system.

“The measurement of customer satisfaction and feedback is important to Etihad Airways. The airline subscribes to monthly industry research and undertakes comprehensive monthly surveys to monitor customer satisfaction, using the insights to continually improve its products and services,” the statement from Etihad added.

Skytrax however, commented that an airline cannot choose to withdraw itself from the annual world Airline Award, because they are purely a result of opinions by customers; who decide the award holders.

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