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Customers Brand Advocates

4 Ways to Turn Customers into Brand Advocates

(1 year ago)

Are your customers truly passionate about your brand? Do they demonstrate zeal and loyalty for your products? For any business to gain loyalty, maintaining strong relat ...Read Full Story

customer complaint

4 Tips to Deal with Customer Complaints

(1 year ago)

Businesses should consider customer complaints as an important asset that can be used to improve their products and service. Whenever a complaint comes in, the best way ...Read Full Story

Customer Service satisfaction

4 Indicators of Bad Customer Service

(1 year ago)

Is your business having trouble retaining customers? Are they moving away towards your competitors?  With so many available options, it has become harder to keep clien ...Read Full Story

Customer Service Interactions

3 Ways to Improve Customer Service Interactions

(2 years ago)

Your customers will always remember the service you provide. Along with the quality of your products, the way you communicate and handle them are decisive factors that ...Read Full Story

Happy Customers

6 Tips for Creating Happiness for Customers

(2 years ago)

Amidst growing competition, keeping your customers happy so that they keep coming back to you is vital. Successful businesses invest their time, money and effort in bui ...Read Full Story

Customer Service

5 Signs Your Customer Service Needs a Revamp

(2 years ago)

Customer service is a decisive factor when it comes to client retention and loyalty. Bad service not only leads to a client leaving but also generates negative word of ...Read Full Story

Habits customer service

5 Habits of Highly Effective Customer Service Representatives

(2 years ago)

No matter how good your product is or how talented your employees are, a major element that customers remember is the experience they have when interacting with a repre ...Read Full Story

Super Support Agent

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Super Support Agent?

(2 years ago)

In every customer support team, there are some agents who stand out in every aspect as they understand how to meet and exceed customer expectations, needs and demands. These individuals may be termed ...Read Full Story

Customers Coming Back

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

(2 years ago)

Customer retention is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses when so many choices are readily available to consumers. They may engage with you once, buy from you but then abandon your busin ...Read Full Story

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