Best Practices

Customer Behaviour

5 Point Plan to Deal With An Angry Customer

(5 years ago)

‘Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face ‘ I believe a customer service representative can relate to this quote by Mike Tyson when dealing with an angry customer. To all the ...Read Full Story

How Mystery Shopping Can Improve Customer Service

How Mystery Shopping Can Improve Customer Service

(5 years ago)

Mystery shopping is a popular tool used by businesses to measure the quality of their services or product delivery from the consumer perspective. Many times the actual delivery at the retail outlet is ...Read Full Story


A Guide to Great Online Customer Service

(5 years ago)

Customer satisfaction is one of the basic ways to measure the success and failure of a business and in recent times it has become of prime importance in an online environment. Social media has made it ...Read Full Story


How to Not Lose Sight of What a Customer Wants

(5 years ago)

For someone seeking help over the phone, the customer service representative must be trained well to take bewildered telephone calls. As the CSR, you are usually sitting with your head under the drill ...Read Full Story

Dos and Donts

Customer Service – The Do’s and Don’ts

(5 years ago)

Employ these Do’s and Don’ts of customer service and achieve outstanding customer satisfaction. Do remember to leave your anger and frustration at home. Tolerance level for bad ...Read Full Story

Time And Speed Is Everything for Todays Customers

Time And Speed Is Everything for Today’s Customers

(5 years ago)

Are you losing your customers to your competitors due to slow and incompetent service? The goal in retaining your customers is not only achieved through the customer tools or software your company own ...Read Full Story


Top 5 Tips Towards Achieving Customer Satisfaction

(5 years ago)

In today’s world, when there is a plethora of companies out there ready to welcome your customers, you need all the help you can get in order to keep your dear customers satisfied. Following are fiv ...Read Full Story

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