Best Practices

Customer Service Staff Motivation

5 Ways to Motivate Customer Service Staff

(4 years ago)

One the most important aspects of improving customer service experience includes motivation and maintaining high morale among the staff members of a customer service team. There are multiple strategie ...Read Full Story

Customer Service Performance

Tips for Monitoring and Evaluating Customer Service Performance

(4 years ago)

In order to establish and run a successful business, the quality of customer service experience must be maintained, monitored and constantly improved. As businesses around the world become more and mo ...Read Full Story

Customers Shopping Experience

Supermarkets Quest for Better Customer Service

(4 years ago)

Supermarkets have expanded over the years as consumers have embraced the idea of ‘All under one roof’ shopping experience, especially in developed countries. In 2011, a survey carried out by Empat ...Read Full Story

Quality Customer Service at Airports

Winning Strategies for Delivering Quality Customer Service at Airports

(4 years ago)

Air travel has grown tremendously in the last couple of decades, with airports playing a significant role towards it. The experience a customer has with an airline is directly proportional with the ex ...Read Full Story

Customer Loyalty

5 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty

(4 years ago)

Customer loyalty is all about building customer attitude towards favoring a particular brand over others. There can be many reasons why customers prefer one brand over others which includes convenienc ...Read Full Story

Language Barrier With Customers

6 Tips for Overcoming the Language Barrier With Customers

(4 years ago)

How do companies meet the challenge of providing customer service and support in a multicultural environment where representatives are interacting with customers from different backgrounds who speak m ...Read Full Story

Customer Engagement

Strategies for Successful Online Customer Engagement

(4 years ago)

The power of social media and the web has transformed the way businesses interact with their customers and try to create awareness as well as brand loyalty. In order to inculcate strong relationships ...Read Full Story

Successful Customer Service Calls

The Secrets to Successful Customer Service Calls?

(4 years ago)

As businesses around the world aim to develop effective customer relationships, the quality of a customer service call plays an increasingly important role in winning customer loyalty. A research carr ...Read Full Story

Customer Experience

Learning from the Best to Improve Your CEM

(4 years ago)

What is CEM? Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a process of managing all the interactions that a customer has with the company across various channels. There are a lot of things that ...Read Full Story

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