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Best Workplace

How to Create a Healthy Work Environment for Your Customer Service Staff

(4 years ago)

There are many factors that businesses focus on to boost productivity of their customer service staff including frequent bonuses, paid leaves, team building events etc. While such monetary and nonmone ...Read Full Story

Customer Experience in Travel Industry

6 Tips to Improve Train Travel for Your Customers

(4 years ago)

Travelling by train is quite popular with people all over the world and it is ideal for tourists as train stations are often always situated in the middle of cities unlike airports. According to UNIFE ...Read Full Story


4 Simple Ideas for Ophthalmologists to Enhance Customer Experience

(4 years ago)

Many people visiting an ophthalmologist for the first time feel anxious about the testing and treatment. Great customer service for ophthalmologists includes, making the patients feel comfortable, pro ...Read Full Story

Customer Relationship

5 Celebrity Inspired Business Lessons to Strengthen Your Customer Base

(4 years ago)

Celebrities are smart marketers, they know the art of winning the hearts of their fans and that is why many of them are running their successful brands. The reason why celebrities are so successful in ...Read Full Story

Retention Secrets

4 Tips for Retaining your Customer Service Staff

(4 years ago)

Retaining employees and ensuring that they are satisfied has always been a struggle for many businesses, especially when it comes to customer service employees given the repetitive nature of their job ...Read Full Story

Customer Feedback

3 Reasons Why Post Sale Service Results in a Competitive Advantage for Businesses

(4 years ago)

Consumer behavior specialists and marketers are constantly deriving new ways of attracting customers and motivating them to make purchases. Repeat purchase by customers leads to increasing revenue and ...Read Full Story

Parents as Customers

Parents as Customers- Five Tips for Winning Their Trust and Loyalty

(4 years ago)

Businesses these days have a diverse customer base. Dealing with different kinds of customers requires thorough understanding of human behavior. The most sensitive and meticulous of all the customers ...Read Full Story


6 Strategies for Cosmetics Companies to Improve Customer Experience

(4 years ago)

The beauty care industry continues to grow as women all over the world buy makeup and skincare products. According to the Global Beauty Care Market (2014-2018) report, the beauty industry generated a ...Read Full Story

Digital Customer Experience

5 Essential Ways for Enhancing Digital Customer Experience

(4 years ago)

Over the past decade, the importance of digital customer service has increased tremendously as more and more people start using digital devices. Customer service has always been one of the most challe ...Read Full Story

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