Best Practices

Face to Face Customer Interactions

Improving Face-to-Face Customer Interactions in a Bank

(7 months ago)

An upbeat greeting with a smile or a barely audible ‘’How can I help you?” with zero eye contact? Depending on the bank manager’s diligence and a staffer’s work ethic, the customer’s exper ...Read Full Story

Customer Service Staff Motivated

Keeping Your Customer Service Staff Motivated

(8 months ago)

It is simply inevitable. Some days you will stride into work with your head held high, armed with a cup of your favorite coffee and enthusiasm for the day ahead. On other days, it will take all your e ...Read Full Story

Good Customer Service

Do It Well, Do It Again: Establishing Replicable Models of Good Customer Service

(8 months ago)

A smiley on the receipt, your name on the coffee cup, or a complimentary biscotti with every latte - it is the little things that certain businesses consistently do that endears them to customers.  S ...Read Full Story

Emails With Business Woman

You’ve Got E-mail – Answering Customer Complaints Effectively

(9 months ago)

Customers have always been aware of the kind of customer support they are being provided, but now they also have platforms to discuss it on.  When complaints are poorly handled, customers will expres ...Read Full Story

Checkout Counter

Winning Customers’ Hearts at the Checkout Counter

(9 months ago)

The relationship we maintain with brands is hardly ever based on a single, isolated event or interaction. Rather, it is the whole customer experience, from the moment t ...Read Full Story

Customer service Agents

Essential Damage Control Tips for Customer Service Agents

(10 months ago)

Mistakes happen. Unfortunately, it is quite easy for upset customers to walk out after you have made a mistake. Thriving businesses know that service recovery is one of the most important components o ...Read Full Story

Human Skills

5 Human Skills Every Savvy Professional Must Have

(10 months ago)

Miscommunication and misfires during customer interactions can threaten a company’s reputation as well as an individual’s career. Whether or not one is in a primarily customer-facing role, the exp ...Read Full Story


Is Your Customer Service Millennial Ready?

(10 months ago)

Millennials are the first truly digital generation and they are changing the rules for customer service. Many of them are entering their prime spending years and as compared to the baby boomers, they ...Read Full Story


5 Techniques to Coach Your Team to Customer Service Excellence

(11 months ago)

Whether it is a duo handling all the calls and complaints or a dedicated team of agents trained to cater to the customer’s every qualm and concern - there is always room for improvement in customer ...Read Full Story

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