Best Practices

Customer Needs

Tips for Handling Expectations of Price Focused Customers

(3 years ago)

“Know your customers” is the most recurring mantra within the business world. In order to ...Read Full Story

Behavioral-Science for Customer Satisfaction

Using Behavioral Science for Customer Satisfaction

(3 years ago)

It is widely understood that by developing empathy and learning about customers, businesses can create an enduring impact on them. A company that appreciates the significance of ...Read Full Story

Customer Service Training

5 Customer-Centric Practices Businesses Should Teach Employees

(3 years ago)

Focusing on customer-centricity is essential for businesses, however just getting the processes right is not enough to deliver exceptional service experience. It involves instilling customer-centric v ...Read Full Story

Customer Feedback

5 Smart Ways to Handle Negative Customer Feedback

(3 years ago)

Negative feedback from customers can turn out to be a great opportunity for businesses to identify the problem areas, improve their product/service and build better connections with clients. Negative ...Read Full Story

Unhappy Customers

5 Tips on Effectively Communicating with Dissatisfied Customers

(3 years ago)

Leaving a customer unhappy or dissatisfied with your service can have dire consequences for your business. According to Dimensional Research, 86% of people are not likely to buy from brands having neg ...Read Full Story

Multilingual Customer Support

Tips for Delivering Multilingual Customer Support

(3 years ago)

For a business wanting to expand its operations to global markets, it is important to develop multilingual customer support infrastructure. Language barriers have known to slow down the process of qua ...Read Full Story

Customer Service Representatives

5 Basics a Dedicated CSR Should Know

(3 years ago)

Customers want personalized experiences and giving them the choice of having a dedicated customer service representative is a great way to ensure efficiency, accuracy and timely service. It not only s ...Read Full Story

Customer Service Training

Essentials of Customer Service Courses and Certifications

(3 years ago)

Customer service representatives are expected to be well-versed in numerous basic skills, which include problem solving, empathy, excellent communication, understanding customer needs and handling dif ...Read Full Story

Customer Satisfaction

5 Ways Customer Experience Managers Can Achieve Higher Levels of Customer Satisfaction

(3 years ago)

Being a customer service professional, you need to constantly strive for creating amazing and memorable experiences for customers. However, it often turns out to be a challenging endeavor. As a custom ...Read Full Story

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