Umar Khan

Occupation: administrator



  • Dmg

    2 years ago by

    Dmg events serves customers globally through in person and virtual offerings designed to meet their continually changing needs.

  • Informa

    2 years ago by

    Informa is a leading business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events business, operating within the knowledge and information economy.

  • Fleming

    2 years ago by

    Fleming creates critical business connections, providing business professionals with knowledge and market insights needed for further growth.

  • OITE Events

    2 years ago by

    OITE is one of the leading trade fair companies in the GCC, offering successful networking platforms for enterprises all around the world.

  • Winning Customers’ Hearts Through Social Media

    2 years ago by

    A guide that can help businesses improve their customer service through social media.

  • Why Social Media Has Become A Powerful Channel For Customer Service

    2 years ago by

    Social media can be a powerful tool when used for enhancing customer service. View this infographic to see the impact of social media on customer service.

  • Top 8 Mistakes That Damage Customer Experience

    3 years ago by

    Being unable to resolve an issue at first contact, 65 % of customers felt extremely agitated when their issue was not solved on initial contact.

  • Marcus Evans

    3 years ago by

    A global, multifaceted media, corporate marketing and information company, employing 3000 professionals in 59 worldwide locations.

  • Information Exchange Group

    3 years ago by

    Information Exchange Group is an organization dedicated to providing platforms for Technical and Industrial Information Exchange.

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