Abu Dhabi Takes The Spotlight At World Travel Market

At the recently held World Travel Market in London it was Abu Dhabi in the limelight throughout. Abu Dhabi has recently taken gigantic strides in the Travel Industry Market. They have an ever growing range of tourist attractions to match their equally rich heritage. Abu Dhabi has managed to recreate it’s tradition through the help of several attractions. Mubarak Al Nuaimi, the international promotions manager was proud to have seen through a very successful couple of days as far as objectives of the Abu Dhabi travel market were concerned. All in all it remained a very successful venture for TCA (Tourism and Culture Authority) Abu Dhabi as Mubarak Al Nuaimi was quoted saying that a continuous line of visitors were visiting them at the WTM. Many were eager to inquire about the growing number of attractions developed by the oil rich Emirate and all these meetings bred positive results as more and more people left being completely familiar with the newly developed charms in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Showcases Attractions at the WTM

International Promotion Manager, Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, Mubarak Al Nuaimi was proud to announce the record breaking number of meetings secured by the travel destination with vital business figures which meant good news for stakeholders in the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Cultural Authority. One of the main attractions for people was the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Grand Prix and a year round booked events calendar. There are a number of hotel openings as well as newer attractions like the cultural treat ‘Arabian Nights’ and ‘Yas Waterworld’, all of this was communicated to all who cared to inquire at the meetings. According to the promotion manager, several of the business meetings lead to certain business leads from those meetings which would be looked into in the following days. Along with meeting business leaders they met with tour operators who are responsible for traveling to Abu Dhabi with travel agents in order to increase tourism traffic for the Emirate. The meetings provided executives at Abu Dhabi to highlight their own particular motives and getting their attractions added to the visitor’s travel schedules. The meetings that ended up being the most beneficent were the ones that weren’t pre-planned.

Abu Dhabi Consistently Making Huge Strides in the Travel Industry

Abu Dhabi TCA was proud to showcase Manchester City’s new premier league trophy during the WTM in London. The owners of English Football Club are Abu Dhabi United Group Investment and Development Limited which is owned by the Deputy prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. This provided them with a good kick start making the whole experience a huge success. Etihad Airways is the official travel partner with the Manchester club. The 28 delegates from the emirate’s travel department held meetings with key business associates from the industry to promote the location’s new attractions. The meetings were used to spread awareness among major figures from western tourism to increase the amount of tourists seeking Abu Dhabi as a viable travel destination. The amount of meetings secured by the delegates alone was a record number meaning positive things in the near future. Two of the leads generated from the meetings were to be confirmed business opportunities as soon as the delegates were to return to Abu Dhabi.

CABSAT: World’s Third Largest Digital Media Convention Making Ripples in the Region

The largest based media event in the Middle East and North Africa region is called CABSAT (Cable and Satellite Exhibition). This event is held on an annual basis and the upcoming one this year is said to be better than ever before. The 19th edition of CABSAT 2013 is being held at the Dubai Trade Center in the mid-March 2013, with visitors from 110 countries are expected to attend this event. Basically the event puts all digital media banners under one roof for a period of time to educate people and explore the industry for its true potential. During the event different satellite media companies as well as digital and social media companies from the region and around the globe come together. CABSAT is an event where different companies participate and forge, build and maintain relationships with other ‘players’ in the industry. Besides that, CABSAT academy provides education through training, workshops and discussions are held to improve knowledge.

Rise in Digital Media and the Transition Period

In recent times the digital television viewing triumphs have outscored previous records. Nearly 10 Countries in the MENA region are said to have achieved a 100% penetration rate with digital TV. People now have become more prone to catching up on missed TV programs through digitally recorded media. Since the option of recording live TV is available most people tend to record things they miss to catch up on later. Along with this there is also a general increase in the amount of people now using social media and online streaming. Surveys showed high online viewing in the month of Ramadan. The research carried out by Liquid Thread claims that digital video recording through the set top box will increase over the next 10 years making the region a positive environment for digital and Social media to flourish.

Highest Penetration Rates in the Region

Speaking of the amount of people subscribing to digital TV services the MENA region boasts fairly impressive statistics. According to accredited research it can be concluded that most countries in the geographic area of MENA (Middle East and North Africa) have managed to convert its population to digital TV. 85% of all households in this region have now subscribed to digital media. Facebook provides more evidence for the impressive penetration in this region given the fact that social media is used in UAE and Saudi Arabia just as much as countries like USA and the UK. People now prioritize their daily spent time on social media such as Facebook and Twitter much higher than the time spent on popular email servers.

CABSAT Providing Platform to Promotes Business Opportunities

Also known as CABSAT MENA, 91% of visitors consider it to be the leading event in the region for the digital media industry. At the event in 2012, Cisco was one of the highly ranked brands marketing attention to its video technology. Other companies and CEOs also voiced their approval for the CABSAT network. Being the third largest Digital Media convention in the world it has been developing at a very impressive rate. The broadcast and the media agencies are the major contributors towards the attendance of the event including the best business leaders.

Online Purchasing Hightailing Traditional Shopping

Recent times have seen the use of internet grow substantially among the world’s population. The fact that more and more people have started going online for one reason or the other is hardly surprising given the statistics over the past few years. Currently the world registers over 2.2 billion internet users throughout. Global E-commerce revenue equaled $680 billion which was an 18.9 percent increase from last year. This means that global purchases around the world are increasing to a point where it could offset the balance of traditional media and methods of purchasing with that of the online one. It is easier to set out on entrepreneurial ventures now more than ever.


Essential Endurance Steps

To keep up to date while running a multi-billion dollar business could be one of the most important factors for the CEOs. In order to cope with the changing trends and increased online interest, companies now have to follow inclinations and make adjustments accordingly. Naturally there is an increase in competition and the fact that business ventures are so easy to start up generalizes the whole issue. E-commerce can now manage unlimited opportunities in markets that were previously unexplored and inaccessible. Customer service can be a tricky matter for online websites but recent software advancements and growing awareness of the online industry such as chat and prioritization of phone helplines and e-mails are good methods of keeping customers satisfied. Keeping a strict code for excellent customer service can often prove to be the turning point for most online businesses.

Trend Variations in the UAE

In the UAE however e-commerce seems to be the most thriving thing. One astounding figure about this region is how internet users tend to manage more buying and acquiring on their smartphones (29%) as compared to the percentage of internet users who make purchases over PC’s. The rest of the world seems to follow a different trend in these terms with 73% of internet users making purchases over their PCs while 50% prefer the smartphone way of procurement. These figures were concluded thanks to a TNS report named Digital Life and the title manages to describe most of the findings very well. The foremost reason for these trends is that the UAE is one of the countries that clocks the highest amount of time spent on the internet through the use of mobile phones. 90% of the internet users in UAE are online everyday while globally this figure is 86% meaning a marginally less frequency of internet usage worldwide as compared to the UAE. The differences between trends worldwide and the UAE makes for a good report on how online and other industries in the region should manage this shift in culture.

Finding The Balance

Such deviations around the globe as well as a country such as the UAE can mean big changes in the way websites and other business tools such as customer service are managed. Traditional means have been ignored recently for digital replacements of the same practices.

The Boom in E-Commerce Attributed to Technological Advancements

Over the past few years e-commerce which defines the phenomenon of purchasing or spending money online has grown in size, strength and popularity. The idea of spending money online has become more and more approachable, from people looking at it with uncertainty, to a point where e-commerce has grown to such an extent that it is now a widely accepted form of business and transactions around the world. Thanks to new breakthroughs in cyber protection people have started to acknowledge online spending as a quick and efficient manner of purchases and payments. The question that goes unanswered is; what are the particular factors that contribute to the sudden rise in the popularity of the online spending?

Consumers Fancy Online Shopping Worldwide

The introduction of most retail products on popular websites has given consumers an extra option in regards to purchasing or paying. One of the highest sold products on the internet are books, clothing items and travel tickets. The global trend shows that when it comes to purchasing items most of the consumers prefer retailers that only have an online presence. One of the best driving factors about online shopping is the ease of access. Most people have submitted reviews about products or services that they have used and in a buyer’s decision making process this step fits in perfectly when the buyer surveys his options. Naturally countries with a higher amount of internet users manage to make a larger contribution to the total income from online sales and purchases. The fact that often times online stores price products at a much lower rate, deviates users towards buying their desired products online. The advancements in software development have managed to provide easy ways to websites through which they manage to keep customers satisfied and perform their obligatory customer service duties.

E-Commerce Boom follows Market Trends in UAE

The reason behind the increase in e-commerce in Dubai and the UAE is because of the fact that customers now have more confidence in the system and procedures of online shopping. It is also worth noting that the UAE government has encouraged its population to make more transactions online by allowing utility bill payments through the internet. The government has also taken huge strides to maintain control over cyber-crime. More so the government of UAE has also prepared the region for growth in e-commerce by introducing the federal laws regarding e-commerce and cyber-crime specifically for the purpose of regaining the consumers’ confidence.

Customer service is also a thriving example of the success of e-commerce in the UAE. One of the main turning points was when banks in the UAE encouraged their consumers to use their credit cards by announcing big discounts on certain bundles. Above all there is an incentive in the introduction of websites that provide a good shopping experience along with amazing prices and facilities such as free home delivery. As long as companies and websites manage to satisfy customers through the quality of their product or the efficiency of their customer services there are fewer chances of deviating customers.

Dubai Taxi Service On The Go

It has been recently discovered thanks to a series of accredited surveys from nearly 75,000 respondents, that Dubai ranks third when it comes to the Taxi trade. The survey was conducted via the most popular travel website TripAdvisor and from the people who had written reviews about the cities in question. Dubai was found to rank third among 40 cities, after Tokyo and Singapore. The ranking was based on several factors such as the driver’s friendliness, road safety and the cleanest streets. Among the qualities mentioned, Tokyo ranked no. 1, while Singapore came in a close second. Given the fact that locals don’t have flowery words about the public transportation sector in Dubai, it is one of the best in the opinion of international travelers.


Cabbies Owe Success to High-ups

Given the recent attention given to the cabbies, the CEO of the transportation company was rather quick in taking credit and accrediting majorly the Prime Minister of Dubai Shaikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Personally he credits the city’s most recent success to the hard work of his department along with the clear visionary leadership from his superiors. Dubai was compared to 40 different cities in the survey where there was a majority of both, Western and European cities in the contention. Some of these cities are a lot older compared to Dubai and that is a major source of pride for the CEO of RTA’s public transportation agency. The city’s transport service also believes strongly in helping people and delivering their promises on time, along with the use of latest technology to function efficiently.

Aspects Checked

In the poll that surveyed nearly 75,000 travelers, there was a lot more discussed than just the service and friendliness of the city’s Taxis. While Dubai, Singapore and Tokyo rank the highest for the quality of their Taxi service, while New York, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow and Beijing were highly criticized for the quality of their transportation services. The different aspects of the survey included criteria such as:

  • Friendliness of the locals
  • Shopping
  • Ease of transport
  • Value for money
  • Cleanliness of the streets

Dubai received good reviews and positive feedback when it came to shopping, thanks to the some of the biggest malls in the world.

Commute by Taxi, Not a Bad Idea

With the reputation it has for being one of the top tourist destinations, it is necessary for the city to have a fleet of 8000 taxis at its disposal, managed by 8 different operators. Such a commodious task included 96 million trips, which could not be possible without sizable fleet of cars as in Dubai. The city prides itself on helping people and providing a hospitable environment, and the only way that reputation is maintained is through continuous struggles to make the city a better, and more suitable place for tourists and visitors. Managing a high profile situation such as the transport of countless tourists is indeed not an easy task, but Dubai seems to be managing quite extraordinarily.