Tips to Devise an Effective Customer Experience Management Plan

Excelling at offering better customer experience is vital for retaining clients and building good brand repute. A successful client experience program needs proper planning and there might be several challenges that you face while doing so. Start off by inculcating a client-centric approach throughout your organization, make it mandatory for everyone in your company to put clients ahead of everything. Get enthusiastic staff on board who can exhibit empathy. Ensure that all departments are collaborating for delivering a delightful experience to customers across all touch points. Here are a few more tips to help you devise an effective customer experience management plan!


Define and Set Goals for Innovating Service Experience

Define your strategies and set realistic goals for your customer experience program. This could be offering more convenience to your clients or improving the standard of your service. For instance, you can define and set quarterly goals that may include adding a few new things to your service that can make your clients happier. It might be offering free delivery for your products to regions where you don’t have stores or introducing an app that makes it easier for your clients to check out your offers more conveniently.

Proactive Listening is Important for Managing Experience

Give value to the voice of clients on all channels. Make yourself accessible on all channels be it phone, email, social media, mobile or live chat; listen to what your customers are saying about your brand experience. Don’t miss out on a single channel where you expect to communicate with your clients, reach out to them and ask for their opinion. You are likely to get valuable data on improving the service experience based on your clients’ suggestions and hence you can significantly improve it by implementing their feedback.

Keep your Employees Happy to Make your Customers Happy

In order to have a devoted team, you need to give them job satisfaction and financial rewards. Without making your employees motivated and happy, you cannot expect to get contented customers. While devising your service experience management plan, make a strategy to engage and motivate your staff. Encourage team building, stress management, problem solving and creativity through training workshops. Incentivize your staff with bonuses and other perks to boost their productivity and encourage them towards serving clients in the best possible manner.

Improve Areas of Service that can Impact Overall Experience

There are several factors that can impact the overall service experience for your clients. If your service speed is slow or your support team lacks product knowledge, it will surely impact the overall experience for your clients. Customer journey mapping will help you identify issues and gaps in your service that can result in making your clients frustrated and unhappy. Make sure you track loopholes in your service, make a list of them and ensure they are fixed in minimal time so that your clients receive a seamless experience.

Add a Personal Touch to Every Customer Interaction

One of the essential customer skills that your staff require is emotional intelligence. Devise a strategy for adding a personal touch to every client interaction. Your staff should treat all clients in a special way, make them feel welcomed, remember their preferences and offer personalized service. Teach your staff to take every client interaction as an opportunity to win their trust, build personal connection with them and leave a lasting impression to keep them coming back to you.

Essentials of an Effective Customer Satisfaction Strategy

Setting your goals for customer satisfaction would help focus your efforts in the right direction. Devising a strategy that is based on creating a satisfactory service experience would help you build a strong and loyal customer base. Happy and contented clients spread positive word about a business and hence it is important to exceed their expectations and satisfy their needs in the best possible manner. What are the elements of a well-planned client satisfaction strategy? One thing is certain that you can’t offer great service unless you start listening to the opinions of your customers, so make sure you empower them to rate your products/service and share their suggestions on how they want a product/service to be. Learn from your mistakes and ensure that your client satisfaction strategy addresses all the service problems and issues. Take inspiration from brands that have set examples of excellent customer service and enrich the experience for your clients by going the extra mile. Here are a few more elements of an effective client satisfaction strategy!

Focus on Creating a Lasting Impression

The first impression counts, if your clients are not properly greeted on their first visit and are not offered timely service, they are not likely to come back. The first step towards satisfactory customer service is to make your clients feel welcomed right from the start. Greet them with a smile, address them with their names and ask them how you can assist them with their questions. Give detailed answers to their queries, show them the products they are looking for and if they are confused, give them friendly suggestions. A good first impression is important for making your clients happy and satisfied.

Pay Attention to Little Things that Count

While planning your strategy, include little things and gestures that matter to your customers. For instance, you can send a thoughtful gift along with a handwritten card to a client on his/her birthday. Make your clients a part of your product launches and anniversary celebrations. If a client needs a product delivered before your mentioned delivery time, make an exception. Emotionally connect with your clients to make them feel you truly care for them.

Be Proactive in Addressing Issues and Complaints

One of the best customer service practices is being proactive in addressing client issues and complaints. If you want to enhance client satisfaction levels, be quick in solving service issues. Always empathize with angry and frustrated clients, apologize to them and offer solutions without making them wait. After an issue or a complaint has been fixed, take feedback from the client to ask if he/she is happy with the solution offered.

Be Open to Criticism and Client Feedback

Being open to criticism and all sorts of feedback is one of the most effective ways to enhance client satisfaction levels. If you receive a negative product/service review, take it as an opportunity to rectify your mistakes and improve your client relationships. Your customers would always give you preference if they know you give importance to their feedback. Make your feedback processes easy for your clients and implement their suggestions in minimum time to show that you value their ideas.

Constantly Improve and Innovate the Service Experience

In order to satisfy your clients and to keep them coming back to you, improve and innovate your service experience. See which areas of your service can be improved and bring in fresh ideas to make the experience more delightful. Keep offering your customers something new. For instance, if you are running a restaurant and you feel that customers have to wait for the takeaway service, introduce an app through which they can place the order and get the food delivered at their doorstep.

5 Things That Will Make Your Customers Always Choose You

Exceptional customer service is the key differentiator that makes customers give preference to a business. What are the factors that make customers always choose a brand? Developing a strong bond with clients requires understanding of their needs and emotions. In order to create a service experience that keeps them coming back to you, get to know them better. You should know what they need from a business in terms of products and service, what they value and what it takes to develop brand affinity. Many businesses stop caring about changing customer needs and expectations after they have acquired clients, as a result they end up losing many of them. Make sure you keep yourself updated regarding their needs and surprise them every time they buy from you. Here are a few essential factors that you need to consider in order to make them always choose you!

Always Cater to Customer Needs and Pain Points

Identifying client needs and pain points is the first step in getting them to come back to you. If you want brand advocates for your business, make sure you thoroughly understand what your clients’ needs are and what are the issues that you need to address for them. For instance, if you are selling sportswear, different segments of customers will be looking for different products so make sure you cater to the needs of every single one of them. Similarly look out for customer pain points, it could be finding comfort, quality or bargain price so make sure you address them through your products/service.

Provide Consistent and Quality Service Experience

While every customer wants a delightful service experience, the factor that makes them prefer a business over others is consistency and quality of service. One of the best customer service practices is to always offer your clients the same quality of service every time. You might acquire clients by making a great first impression through remarkable service but if you want them to always choose you, be sure to remain consistent. If for example, a client gets served within 15-20 minutes, keep the service time consistent whenever he/she visits again.

Keep a Track of Customer Expectations

Keeping a track of what your clients expect from you is vital for making them come back to you. Proactively communicate with them to see what they want and make sure you always exceed their expectations. For instance, if by talking to various customers you come to know that they want frequent flash sales, you can start having them at regular intervals. If a product price is too high for clients, revise the price range in order to make them stay with your business.

Take Regular Client Feedback to Innovate your Product/Service

Customers prefer businesses that don’t collect feedback as a mere procedure but use it for constantly innovating their products/service. Take regular client feedback and improve your products/service according to their suggestions. Every customer wants something unique but offering that based on his/her opinion would make a difference. It will reinforce the idea that you truly care about your customers’ feedback and you actively implement their opinions to offer better service. This will also help you deliver a more personalized experience for clients.

Surprise them by being Flexible and Giving Something Extra

If you want to create an unforgettable experience for your clients, always surprise them by being flexible and giving out extra. Attach a little surprise gift on every purchase to make them remember you. Similarly, offer surprise discounts, loyalty cards and make them part of your brand community so that they always choose you.

Effective Team Building for Customer Service Staff

For any business, team building exercises are a prerequisite for enhancing productivity of employees and creating a healthy workplace environment. Conducting team building activities motivates employees and boosts their creativity. For customer service staff, one of the essential customer service skills is to work and collaborate in teams to make sure that communication and processes are seamless and every client is getting quality and timely service. The question is how to have effective team building sessions for your staff? Start with the basics and give your staff a vision in which they are required to work together for the accomplishment of a common goal; that is offering your customers a consistent service experience. Here are a few useful tips for conducting effective team building activities.

Promote Communication through frequent Discussions

Conducting meetings and discussions is the first step towards effective team building. Instead of just devising a rule book of customer service, encourage your staff to share their thoughts and ideas on how you can constantly innovate customer experience. Encourage all team members to share their opinions, such discussions will help break the ice among your staff. Team meetings are likely to lead to better relationships among your staff members since they would listen to each other, share knowledge and learn from each other’s experience.

Rotate the Roles of Team Members to Improve Collaboration

Rotate the roles of your staff in order to make them understand each other’s responsibilities and improve collaboration. Exchanging roles within your staff would make them relate to each other and the stress that they have to go through while managing their tasks. This activity would build trust among your team members and they would collaborate with each other to explore new things. This is likely to improve the skills of your employees on the whole since exposure to new experiences would help them learn more.

Conduct Brainstorming Activities for Problem Solving

Customer service staff should learn how to resolve issues and manage crisis situations. Team building helps your staff develop problem solving skills since they can work together towards the resolution of a problem. Conduct brainstorming activities in which your staff can work as a group to solve an important customer service problem. You can give your staff varying situations in which they have to deal with difficult customers. Sharing ideas with each other would help your staff collaborate and come up with the best possible solutions to an issue.

Use Training Games and Activities to build Team Spirit

Training games and social activities are a fun way to build team spirit. Games that require your employees to work as a group would help them understand the importance of collaboration for getting things done. Training games that teach your staff to listen to each other and work as a team to complete a task will help them work better. Activities like arranging a tournament or an employee event would give your staff an opportunity to get away from routine and know each other on a personal level.

Incentivize and Reward Team Effort on Completion of Tasks

If you want your staff to work as a team, incentivize and reward team effort. This will improve your business processes and is likely to increase the number of satisfied clients. For instance, instead of rewarding CSRs individually you can make teams and give an incentive that the team which gets a higher number of happy clients or resolves more complaints and issues in a month would be awarded “Customer Service Team of the Month” title with a bonus.





How to Use Social Media for Insightful Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is the most effective way for businesses to rectify their mistakes and improve service experience. However, gathering quick and honest feedback from clients has always been a challenging endeavor. With the increasing use of social media, more and more people are turning towards it. According to research by Conversocial, 43% customers want social channels integrated with customer service channels. Hence, for businesses it is essential to pay attention to what customers are saying on social media. This platform can be used for gathering informal and instant feedback. Social listening can be used to empower your clients and listen to their suggestions. Every business should devise a social media feedback strategy and take regular responses from clients on various channels. This would not only help in measuring client satisfaction levels but is likely to give you an opportunity to identify loopholes in your service, enhance essential customer service skills and improve the experience according to your customers’ opinion. Posting feedback questions within your social media content is a smart way to get a quick response. Have a look at some more tips on using social media for instant feedback!

Incentivize Your Surveys and Polls

Short and interactive surveys and polls over social media are likely to get you quick feedback from customers. You can use images to make the questions more interesting. Keep the surveys and polls simple and short, it is easier for customers to respond if they are given options so you can simplify them by adding two/ three answer options for respondents. Incentivizing surveys and polls is likely to improve response rates, so you can offer customers coupons and discounts as a token of appreciation for taking time out and participating in the surveys.

Build Your Own Feedback Community

For every business there are brand advocates who like to express their commitment towards a business. They like to express their views about every new thing coming up and share their honest suggestions regularly. You can create a feedback community of loyal customers and ask specific questions to get deeper insight into what they want and how you should devise your service experience strategy in future. You can show appreciation to community members by featuring them on your social channels and rewarding them, this would encourage more customers to join the group and share their feedback with you.

Conduct a Focus Group over Social Media

Focus group is likely to get you insightful feedback from customers regarding your business and product/service. Feedback can be collected over social media by conducting a focus group. This would get you more specific responses from participants. You can use your social media accounts to invite participants, video chat can be used to ask questions and get answers. For instance, you can ask questions about new product packaging, video chat would help you record the expressions and answers of participants, giving you instant and credible feedback.