Careem Implements Twitter Feedback Tool

Dubai, U.A.E. – Careem, the leading application based car booking service has become the first in the Middle East region to make use of Twitter Customer Feedback Tool to improve the experience offered to customers.

With Twitter Customer Feedback, people who have used or are interested in the Careem service can give instant feedback and rating at the end of the conversation with a Careem representative on Twitter. Whenever a customer sends a direct message to Careem on Twitter, a representative after responding within the chat will launch a survey which has a rating system to measure customer satisfaction. The rating survey has a visual of 5 kinds of smiley faces which the customer can use, enabling Careem to get real time data.

Christian Eid, Careem’s VP of Branding and Communication while talking to said, “Twitter is a great partner both in our development of our social media voice and as the channel of help. This feature makes us measure our performance and work on a unique level of satisfaction of the customer. The engagement is really high so we’ve seen that people actually find it potentially easier to give the feedback.”

Benjamin Ampen, Twitter’s Head of Revenue for the MENA region said that detailed analytics are available for companies using the Customer Feedback feature, giving them more insight on how customers are rating their service. Twitter has partnered with Spark Social to make this tool available via API integration.

“The API integration is very simple. In addition to giving open-ended feedback via Tweets and Twitter’s Direct Messages, businesses can now survey customers in a structured way to better measure and improve their service experience. With this feature, businesses can use two industry standard question formats: Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)” says Benjamin Ampen.


The feedback survey feature is available on all 14 Careem Twitter handles in over 90 cities of the world where the Careem service is available.

The Twitter Customer Feedback Survey gives customers an additional platform to tell Careem whether they were satisfied or not. It is to be noted that within the existing Careem App customers can send a direct email or make a call to the care centre which has over 500 representatives. The team at the care centre helps customers with different queries and assists them in making bookings.

5 Habits of Highly Effective Customer Service Representatives

No matter how good your product is or how talented your employees are, a major element that customers remember is the experience they have when interacting with a representative from your business. Your customer service representatives are the face of your organization hence it is imperative that the support they provide is impeccable. So who is the ideal CSR and what sort of traits does he/she have? Here are five habits of the most successful customer service representatives that you should know about.

Active Listener

The best people working in customer service are the ones who are great listeners. These representatives listen to what the clients have to say before offering them a solution or giving out information. In essence, this is what the job is all about. Listening is not confined to hearing what customers say out loud, you also need to pay attention to the non-verbal messages customers convey. Often when a customer is communicating their concerns, active listeners can read between the lines and determine what will ‘wow’ the customer. Understanding customer needs and expectations ultimately helps you in providing them with the best possible service.

Empathetic at Heart

We all understand corporate policies are important, but if you are only doing that with no sense of emotion involved, you will never be able to connect with the customer on a personal level. Customers don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Show interest in what the customer is saying, be attentive, get involved and let them know you understand. Put yourself in their shoes and sense the emotions they are going through. By empathizing, you will more than often be able to win the trust of even the most dissatisfied customers.

Avid Learner

If you don’t seek to improve what you do, you will be left behind by people willing to invest in their skills. Steve Jobs’ tenacity was a major factor to his success, but that was not the only element. The most important underlying factor was that he focused on what really mattered to his customers, even if the customers didn’t know about it. To achieve customer service excellence, it is important to make an effort to study what your customers value most, where their frustrations lie and what you can do to make them happy. Once you know what your customers want most, focus on what your business does best and find a point where the two meet. Remember, product knowledge and continuous learning are fundamental to success in customer service.

Adaptable Attitude

In the world of customer service, get into the habit of expecting surprises. You may come across a scenario not covered in the corporate guidelines, or a customer may react in a completely bizarre manner. Not only is every customer different individually, but the same customer may also react differently during each interaction. Whatever the situation is, you need to be able to think on your feet and modify your customer service regime to each curveball thrown at you. Evaluate and adapt according to the situation.

Result Driven

Always accept when your customer is not having a good experience. Customer complaints are a golden opportunity that open doors of direct communication. Do not make excuses, instead work on providing a pragmatic solution. Look at the scenario as an opportunity to make a customer happy. A result driven approach will help you analyze the situation and get to the root cause of the problem. Offer reassurance, keep the customer in the loop and make it a habit to get their feedback once the solution has been provided. Building a strong long term relationship with clients is vital for success.

Handling a Customer Service Nightmare

Customer service excellence is the ultimate goal customer service representatives of any organization, conglomerate or startup, aim to accomplish. In a perfectly logical world, every interaction could be made impeccable with just the right formula. However, this is impossible since humans can be complicated and unpredictable. It has been recurrently proven that people tend to be less rational and more emotional in certain situations. Now if customer service representatives were impassive machines, the whole scenario would become much easier. But the fact is, we have emotionally charged humans on both ends of the customer service experience. In the case of a customer being enraged about a certain situation, they are most likely to take it out on the first person they get hold of representing the organization, which inevitably is a customer service representative. As a support representative, losing your cool could cost you your job. So what can you do to deal with difficult customers while being able to control your temper?

Defuse the Situation

There are scenarios where you will be unaware of the underlying cause of a customer’s outburst. Remember, they don’t have anything personal against you, they are mad about a situation. Do not take it personally, instead be a good listener and let them vent out. Try not to interrupt until they are done. Once a customer has communicated their concerns, respond with an apologetic attitude towards their bad experience and assure them you understand how they feel even if you do not agree with them.

Show Empathy

Emotional intelligence goes a long way in understanding the needs of your customers and responding intelligently. While the customer is angry, you have to keep yourself calm and understand why the customer is reacting in such a manner and ensure them that you understand. An empathetic response such as ‘I completely understand how you feel’ would make the customer feel more important compared to a response like ‘Yeah, it would make me angry too.’ It will assure the customer that your entire focus is on them and you understand the exclusivity of their situation.

Understand the Customer’s Emotions

Ask the customer to share details of their experience and make an effort to understand why the strong reaction. Frustrated burnouts from the customer’s end are usually a result of them feeling that the organization is indifferent towards their problem or sentiments. Extending a sincere invitation to talk about what happened, often calms down most people as their sense of being uncared for diminishes. They feel respected and are more likely to believe you are genuinely interested in solving their problem.

Practice Cognitive Restructuring

We habitually believe that our emotions ‘happen’ because of an external factor. Psychological studies confirm that human emotions are not an automatic response, but rather sprout from the way we think about an incident – which means one can learn to consciously control them. When we are upset, our brain can become overly dramatic. Remind yourself that it is a temporary unpleasant phase that will go away. Reacting to it will not fix it and perhaps is more likely to exacerbate the negativity.

Seek Support from Your Colleagues

However bad or stressful a customer service experience may turn into, you are not alone. Your fellow colleagues have definitely gone through similar situations, if not exactly the same. Share your concerns with your colleagues and learn from their experiences. Discuss strategies they use to handle difficult customers and how you can implement them to your specific scenario. Not only will it help resolve your situation but it will also help you bond as a team and provide better service.